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When we welcome a new member of the family to the home, it’s important to make sure that their needs are met within the space. This is as true for your furry friends as it is for our children or other relatives. Many view their pets as part of the family. We must ensure that the home accommodates their needs and that it is a safe space for them to act naturally. In doing so, you can prevent your favourite furniture from getting damaged and allow your cat to have a happy, healthy life. Cats love to practice hunting and maintain their finesse. They need space to be active, and they want to feel secure in the home. Adding some cat-friendly elements to the house will minimise stress for everyone. That is why today we’ve come up with a list of cat-friendly ideas that you can incorporate into your home.

Some company for your cat

Of course, you could interpret this section as an indication that you need to get your cat another feline friend. This is not, however, the only way to ensure that your cat is getting enough love and comfort at home. It’d be wonderful if we could spend all day with our animals, but with busy schedules, it can be important to employ strategies that help make your pets feel safe and secure. With the addition of pillows and cuddly spaces for your cat to curl up, you can give your cat a sense of company even when you’re not around. We love the idea of using a cat-shaped pillow like the one featured here by Adams-Braut. Getting a plush cat can be good for kittens who are recently separated from the mothers.

A cosy small house

An excellent way to ensure that your cat feels secure is to provide it with its own space. It can help to integrate a new pet into the home or give existing cats a place of solace. Giving your cat a small house is all that’s necessary to provide it with a place to retreat. Some elements of the house worth considering are placement and size. A small house that acts as an enclosure will heighten the amount of security your feline feels there. This is because such a place is reminiscent of a den or cave. Further, placing the small house somewhere out of the way will help add to the feeling of safety, even if it’s just in the corner of the room. as for the style, there are tons of options to choose from so that you can coordinate it with the existing look of the space.

Climbing furniture

Cats need space to climb and wear down their claws. This can be a source of stress because it could result in your cat damaging a favourite piece of furniture. To minimise this concern, all it takes is embracing your cat’s natural tendencies. Investing in some climbing furniture that is made of material that feels good on your cat’s paws will keep them from scratching the sofa or living room chair. It can also be quite entertaining to watch the cat romp and play on their climbing furniture. You can find all sorts of varieties of playing furniture. In addition to all options like this one, you may even consider making a raised catwalk around the room.

Replace your inner door with a walk through door

Replacing your inner door with a walk through door will give your cat easy access to other areas of the house without sacrificing privacy. Walk through doors involve a space large enough for your cat to slide through with ease. It’s similar to a doggy door but with a more aesthetically pleasing style. Today, you can find a number of different versions that subtly incorporate a space for your cat to step in and out. In doing so, your cat can simply walk go where they please, something that our feline friends tend to do anyway when unobstructed. With the help of a walk through door, you won’t have to think twice about whether your cat is trapped from their food, water, or litter box when doors are open and closed.

Cat play land

Cats are natural hunters, and to prevent them from showing up with their prize catches at your doorstep, it’s best they have plenty of stimulation. Incorporating a series of catwalks or other places for them to climb and scurry will keep them plenty busy. This is especially important when your cats are of the indoor variety. An enclosed play area can keep them active, in-shape, and entertained. It’s best to opt for a play area that will keep them from getting underfoot. This is a safe alternative to letting your cat wander into the unknown of the great outdoors, particularly when living in a city.

Leave the back door wide open

If you do live in an area where your cat can play safely outdoors, it’s best to keep the door open in order to give them access in and out. There is nothing more pitiful than a sopping wet cat waiting at your door during a rainstorm! Giving your can the ability to roam as it pleases is granting it an enormous gift to engage in its true nature without being stifled. Allowing the cat to come inside will make sure it stays healthy and well nourished. If you’re worried about inviting unknown animals into the home, you can purchase door flap systems that recognise your cat by a chip in their collar in order to filter who is granted entry.

If you found this guide helpful, check out these tips for creating a family-friendly home. Happy decorating!

These are just a few ideas for making your home more cat-friendly. We'd love to hear yours. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section, below!
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