12 Trendy Ways to Build a Green Space in Home

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Many city homes in Malaysia no longer have sufficient space to design a beautiful garden around the house. Some of you living in the bigger cities already know how difficult it is to procure a small piece of land to build a house. The best you can do is to opt for a terrace home or a comfortable apartment for yourself and your family members. However, none of these should prevent you from building a green space inside your home, on the terrace or in the front yard of your house. We share with you all the necessary inspirations to design a green space like that.

Small garden with a pond

Designing a garden pond in your tiny backyard may turn out to be a tricky business. Do take the help of an experienced garden designer to accomplish the same. Beautiful water bodies like this one in the image above helps you calm your body and mind. Don’t forget to surround it with plenty of green plants.

Basking in the sunshine on the terrace

What it is better than transforming your terrace into a trendy deck and enjoy the views of the surrounding from the summit of your house? All you need to have is a wooden deck, you may use reclaimed wood for that, plenty of greenery and simple outdoor furniture.

Outdoor living area

Converting your small backyard into a well decorated outdoor living area is another fantastic way of utilising this space. Choose suitable outdoor furniture for the space. Opt for canvas or polyester upholstery. They are capable of withstanding the onslaughts of the climate.

Learn more about connecting your living room with the terrace of your house.

Relaxing under the evening sky

With a bit of imagination you can easily convert your terrace into a space to relax and enjoy yourself under the starry sky. See how the owners of this house have furnished the terrace of their home with simple wooden chairs, a coffee table and hammock.

Barbecue parties on the patio

Love inviting your friends for small barbecue parties or dinners? Why not convert your patio into a trendy living cum dining area. Invest in an electrically operable barbecue and you are all set for many sumptuous evenings out without leaving your home.

Dining area on a tiny balcony

Okay, so you may be thinking that you only have a very narrow balcony. Building a stylish dining area in this space is out of question. Not exactly! Have a look at this glamorous balcony décor. It boasts of trendy seating arrangements and a small kitchenette.

Romantic balcony décor

The soft creamy white tone of this balcony makes it look utterly romantic. It is decorated with a cosy sofa, ottomans, a simple dining table and plush rugs. The space acts as an extension of the living room and allows the owners a panoramic view of the surroundings.

Atrium outside home office

Atriums were once a characteristic feature of the classical homes. Space crunch in modern buildings have made them nearly obsolete. The architect of this house used this tiny space just outside the home office to build a chic atrium.

Green living in the city

Roof terrace planting design ideas MyLandscapes Garden Design Modern style balcony, porch & terrace
MyLandscapes Garden Design

Roof terrace planting design ideas

MyLandscapes Garden Design

Green living in the city could be very much a reality. Use the empty spaces on the terrace, balcony, backyard, basement or under the staircases to design a small garden. You may even design a beautiful rock garden in your home. Place cosy reclining chairs or sofas in this area. Soak in the beauty of nature whenever you have a bit of time for yourself.

An oasis of calmness and charm

This space is soon going to become the most favourite corner of your home provided you take little care in decorating it in style. Opt for plenty of potted plants that thrive in all weather. Ferns, orchids, various palm species, peace lily, box wood, bougainvillea, jasmine etc are plants that grow easily and are easy to maintain. You may also use bonsais to decorate the space. Design a comfortable seating area and brighten up the space with outdoor lighting fixtures.

Green zone on the rooftop

By creating a green zone on the rooftop you help improve the insulation of the interiors of your home, make it more energy efficient, eco-friendly and sustainable. It helps improve t he value of your home. Needless to say, you also add to the beauty of the environment.

Arbour on the terrace

Building an arbour on the terrace will help you create a shade of a sort and will keep the space habitable during the long summer months. Wooden pergolas can be installed on the terrace. You may buy pre-fabricated pergolas for your home as well. A beautiful living area like this will be highly appreciated by your family members and friends.

Check out these beautiful pergolas and select a design that suits your home.

Which of these trendy green zones do you find most relaxing?

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