12 Simple Ways of Giving Your Rooms a Refreshing Look

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Nobody loves to live in a home with boring and uninspiring décor. But the cost of renovation often discourages many to make changes in the interiors of their homes. However, the cost of refurbishing need not be prohibitive, at least, not always. Often small changes can revive the beauty of the interiors and create a positive effect on the minds of those who inhabit the space. Today, we will discuss some of the most cost effective ways of giving your house a fresh look.

1. Bring in more light

Light filled interior always has a positive effect on the minds of those who occupy the house as well as those who come to visit them. Bright lit homes look more spacious. Take special care to invite natural light in high moisture zones like kitchen and bathroom. It will dry up the space in no time and will help you maintain the hygiene of the interiors.

2. Declutter the corridors

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Edwardian meets contemporary; Teddington Family Home


Declutter the corridors. Install shoe cabinets and wall mounted shelves to keep the space effectively organised. Install a small console table and decorate the top of the table with small art objects, candles, flower vases or potted plants. Don’t forget to choose the right kind of lighting fixture for this space.

3. Replace the old rug

Replace the old rug with a brand new one. It is the easiest way of revamping the interiors and add comfort to the feet. Cosy rugs absorb sound and make your rooms more peaceful. When in the need, have a talk with your interior designer about improving the acoustics of your bedroom.

4. Install a new mirror in the bathroom

Install a new mirror in the bathroom. Frameless mirrors are a rage now. They perfectly fit the interior of the modern bathrooms. Mirrors with cabinets also help you optimise the storage space.

5. Modernise the wardrobe

Invest in built-in wardrobes. They will relieve much of your storage related concerns. Besides, built in wardrobes seamlessly integrate with the other items of furniture.

6. Change the coffee table

Sometimes small changes, like replacing your coffee table with a dated look, can immediately bring the spark right back in the ambience. Add metallic touch by choosing coffee table with a shiny metallic top.

7. Give the walls a fresh coat of paint

To better maintain the structure of your building and increase the charm of the interiors, give the walls a brand new coat of paint every 4 to 5 years. Vary between glossy, egg shell or matte finishes to avoid any kind of boredom in the ambience.

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8. Hang new curtains

Match the fabric and colour of your curtains with the wall décor. You may buy curtain fabric with seasonal motifs. Changing them periodically with introduce a positive vibe in the interior environment.

9. Polish the flooring

Wood flooring needs periodic maintenance. Seek help from the professional floor installers to wax and reseal the floor or give it a fresh coat of varnish. Stone flooring also needs polishing every 5 to 6 years to maintain its sparkling look.

10. Install new shelves

Install floating shelves and maximise storage area in your rooms. This type of shelving system does not waste any floor space. You may install floating shelves on top of the headboard, in the living room, bathrooms and corridors.

11. Change the old laminated kitchen worktop

Change the old laminated kitchen worktop which is showing signs of aging for a long time now. Install stone, wood, aluminium or uPVC worktop. Select a brand new colour and add spice in the kitchen décor.

12. Clean up the under stair space

Making optimal use of the available space is one of the most important features of a well maintained home. Utilise the so far neglected under stair space by installing storage cabinets. You may also design a beautiful zen garden in this space or arrange a small seating area when space is not a constraining factor.

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Which of these features do you find most interesting for your home?

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