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8 Feng Shui Tricks to Attract Prosperity and Happiness in Home

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Following the basic rules of feng shui is very easy. And, the benefit of doing so is enormous. It helps you to expel negative energy from your home and circulate positive energy within the four walls. You do care about the health and happiness of your loved ones. Don’t you? So why not try these simple tricks and usher happiness and prosperity in the interior environment?

Bright lighting

A dark and gloomy home not only makes everyone feel depressed but also fails to highlight the beauty of the interiors. Design the interior in such a way that allows an uninhibited flow of natural light. Instead of walls you may build wooden trellis walls or glass partitions to maintain this flow. Illuminate the space with the help of appropriate lighting fixtures in the evening.

Red, purple and green in room

According to feng shui, colours like red, purple and green tend to attract prosperity and positive energy. Include any of these colours in your colour scheme. They may also help you add spark in the ambience of the room. You may combine any of these colours with soft white or pale grey. Vary the texture of the paints and fabric to obtain the necessary effect. If you need any kind of help or inspirations, don’t hesitate to contact an expert interior designer.

Adding a refreshing touch

Plants are and always have been the best possible beautifying element of your home. They inject life in the ambience and keep it refreshed all day long. Feng shui also recommends green plants to decorate your home. However, cacti and carnivorous plants like Sarracenia, Venus flytrap and Drosera should best be kept in the garden or greenhouse. Many feng shui experts also don’t recommend placing plants in the bedroom. Consider having fragrant herbs like basil, thyme, lavender, mint etc in the kitchen and dining room.

Neat and tidy kitchen

Maintaining a neat and tidy kitchen is of utmost necessity, both from the point of view of feng shui and general wellbeing of your family members. A cluttered kitchen gives rise to negative energy. Take care to remove the residual food and other types of wastes from the previous day from the kitchen. Clean the oven at the day of the day every day. Remove grease and dust from the worktop and cabinets as soon as they start to accumulate.


An organised home is also the most stylish of all homes. Properly maintained and uncluttered home promotes the circulation of ‘chi’ or positive energy. It has a positive effect on the minds of those who occupy the space. It is not so easy to maintain a clean home for busy homeowners. If you are struggling with this aspect as well, don’t forget to learn these few tricks to clean your home in 3 hours’ flat.

Organic materials

Feng shui encourage you to use organic and sustainable materials in your home. Natural wood, stone, cork and bamboo are some of the most frequently used materials for a feng shui compliant home. In feng shui, wood signifies strength, nourishment and vitality. It is one of the must have earth elements in your home which help you build a strong bond with your loved ones and have a happy family. Including shades of green in the colour scheme and bring home live plants can help you emphasis the wood element of your home.

Elegant and uncluttered hallway

Having a well organised hallway ensures your guests immediately feel at home in your residence. Install mud room cabinets or floating shelves to increase the storage space in this area. Utilise the under stair space when possible. Decorate the hall way with mirrors, beautiful lighting fixtures and potted plants. Spread a cosy door mat and runner rug. To top it all, don’t forget to install a sturdy main door.

Find out some simple of ways to giving your home a refreshing look.

Which of these feng shui tips do you find most essential for your home?

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