5 Most Cost Effective Home Renovation Ideas

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The cost of renovating an old structure may, at times, run into thousands. Sometimes old dilapidated buildings are given a new lease of time. Your own apartment also needs periodic renovation to keep up with the changes of time and the needs of the inhabitants of the house. Worried that you may not be able to complete it within your budget? Have a look at these fantastic cost effective home renovation ideas for your home.

1. Spacious room with lots of potential

This ground floor apartment was in the need of a thorough renovation for some time. It had many charming potential none of which has been realised over the years. Nobody thought of making optimal use of the available light. Flooring and walls needed reconstruction too. Thankfully, it was spacious and the layout was suitable for modern living.

Living room with trendsetting décor

Do you recognise this space? It has been completely revamped to suit the needs of its current owners. The space that looked so dark and inhabitable has been transformed into a trendy living room cum dining area. New flooring has been installed and walls have been refurbished. A sectional sofa and gorgeous dining furniture now occupy the focal point of the room.

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2. Gloomy and inhabitable bedroom

This awkwardly shaped small bedroom was anything but habitable. No effort has been made to take advantage of its high ceiling. The walls have started to show signs of aging. The space was insufficient and décor uninspiring.

Modern bedroom with a retro décor

The same space now looks light filled and cheery. The smallness of the space forced the designer to place the bed directly under the window. When possible try to avoid this placement of bed. You may catch cold in the winter or splashes of rain in monsoon. Feng shui believes that it makes the owner of the room feel insecure. Otherwise, this small bedroom looks healthy and comfortable.

3. Lacklustre living room

This living room had a clean and uncluttered interior. However, overwhelming use of neutral shades made it look dull and dreary. The sofa in the corner hardly looked inviting for seating down and having a hearty conversation.

Living room oozing style

Look how glamorous the same room now looks. The interior designer has used wallpaper to add texture. Floating shelves decorated with a variety of artworks and colourful lighting fixtures make inject liveliness into the ambience. The grey sofa has been pepped up with the help of colourful cushions and a small coffee table with a ravishing yellow tone. The décor now looks warm and welcoming.

4. Dingy kitchen

Dingy kitchens not only look awful, but they are also unhygienic for those occupying the house. Dark kitchen interior promote the growth of fungi. The kitchen in its earlier avatar did not have sufficient space to move about either.

Bright and beautiful kitchen design

The interior of the renovated kitchen looks like a space where you love preparing delicious dishes. The kitchen designer replaced oversized furniture and mismatched kitchen cabinets with lightweight wooden furniture suitable for the space and built in cabinets. Simple colour scheme, dominated by a shade of warm white, and plenty of natural light now make the space bright and cheerful.

5. The sorry state of the garden

This is certainly not a garden that one would like to step into. You may not like your children playing on its ground and getting hurt in the process either. Before renovation it was a barren piece of land waiting to be discovered.

Charming space to relax in style

The renovated garden looks a stylish and relaxing space that you would love to occupy for a long time. It has been decorated with garden pond, fountains a floating deck with wicker furniture and plenty of green plants. The space has been separated into zones using stone walls. Each segment has been put to optimal use.

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Which of these home renovation projects do you find most interesting?

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