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Bathroom designs: the latest trends

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It’s good to stay current with the latest trends. This is not simply so that you can ensure you are fitting in with everyone else, but because trends can provide inspiration and allow you to periodically update your look. In doing so you’re able to refresh and revitalise the rooms of your home so that you can fall in love all over again with the aesthetics you surround yourself with. Certain spaces can be a bit more difficult to update because they are filled with fixed appliances and significant changes often require the help of a professional. Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is one of these kinds of places. Making changes requires some serious consideration because things can be rather permanent. You want to invest in trends that have a long enough lifespan or that will have a timeless impact on the room. Otherwise, it’s best to select trends for the bathroom that can be easily switched out when the time comes. On this list we’ve included a little bit of both kinds of trends for you to consider. Here are our favourite trends for bathrooms. 

New take on toilet seats

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One element of the bathroom that you might not have considered to have much potential for stylish and innovative trendiness is the toilet. The toilet isn’t exactly the most glamorous part of the bathroom, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spruce it up this season. You may have noticed that prevailing toilet trends often include shrinking the toilet in size in order to make it more compact. Another popular move has been to make the toilet more oblong in shape. In contrast to this style, what’s in right now is to try a square toilet seat. Clean lines and simple shapes fit with the minimalist aesthetic that we don’t predict to be going anywhere anytime soon. You don’t even have to make the entire toilet square-shaped like the one pictured here. Instead you could simply fit your existing toilet with a square toilet cover. The interior of the cover would still be rounded in order to fit with your toilet but the exterior would give it a similar look.

Soft shapes for the sink

If you aren’t feeling so hot about this striking new toilet trend, we have something that might strike your fancy. In contrast to the angular toilet, a rounded sink is quite popular right now in bathroom interior design. You could go for a graceful egg shaped washbasin like the one in this bathroom by Armory Brown Ltd. You don’t have to be limited to this more conventional shape, though. Another soft shaped washbasin we’ve seen a lot more lately is the kidney shaped sink. You can feel free to get creative and find a sink that’s unique to your tastes. As long as it isn’t heavy on the sharp angles it will be in style this season. A soft shaped sink is a great way to bring a sense of gentleness and harmony to your home because these shapes are more natural. Pair a couple of plants next to your sink to enhance the effect.

Chic taps

This is an exciting time in bathroom trends because we’ve seen significant stylistic innovations in pretty standard bathroom appliances, something that we don’t necessarily see each season. Another place where we are seeing some structural differences is in sink taps. It’s true that faucets have been getting sleeker and simpler in recent times, but we’ve actually seen an interesting new trend for what constitutes as a chic tap.

We’ve noticed a lot of simple yet angular designs used for the faucet in the past couple of years. This look is certainly minimal and modern. Yet, with the introduction of the trending minimal classic style, the faucets have remained simple but have gained a more old-fashioned curve. The same can be seen in kitchen sink faucets. The stem of the faucet in this example is in line with the modern sink tap, but the slight curve of the tap is reminiscent of a more traditional look. It’s the perfect hybrid really.

level-access shower

If you’re looking for a way to bring more continuity to your bathroom, you might be interested in this new shower trend. A level access shower essentially means that the shower floor is on the same level as the rest of the floor. If you’re looking to make your bathroom look larger, a level access shower with the same flooring as the rest of the bathroom can be an effective way to create the look of increased floor space. This trick is enhanced if your shower is made of transparent glass. If you like the look of the level access shower, but would still like to differentiate the shower from the rest of the bathroom, you can always create a level access shower with a different material. We love this level access shower because it effectively transitions into a different material that works nicely with the white marble.

Materials: think marble

Another way we’ve seen the minimal classic trend play out in the bathroom is with the prevalence of marble in bathrooms this season. The use of marble in bathrooms dates back thousands of years. It is one of the most luxurious materials you can use in the bathroom due to its traditional associations with wealthy elites throughout the ages. With this being said, marble has also made a pretty seamless transition into modern and even minimalist design. It is smooth in texture and can add the right amount of pattern to a space to spare you the need to add extra décor. Both white Italian marble and black marble are in right now. You may even consider applying a mix of both in your bathroom. If your budget is limited and you can only choose one place to incorporate marble, we suggest you go with marble counters as this is particularly trendy at the moment.

Freestanding bathtubs

Finally, one trend that seems to be sticking around for years to come is the freestanding tub. Often associated with a vintage look, freestanding tubs span far beyond that age-old claw footed variety. Although we love a well-kept claw footed tub, this style won’t necessarily match everyone’s tastes. You can echo the look of your soft shaped sink by going with an egg shaped freestanding tub. You may also like this beautiful tub that comes with built with a neck rest. The rippled shape of the tub is so elegant yet quite simple in style. A unique and artful freestanding tub can also spare you the need of adding extra décor to the bathroom, which will allow you to maintain a more minimal look.

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