20 Modern and Utterly Stylish Kitchen Designs

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Wish to design a trendy kitchen in your home without blowing your budget? These modern kitchens that we are going to show today will give you a lot of food for thought. And, yes! It is possible to design a stylish kitchen in a small space. Check out these beautiful images of stunning kitchens now.

Friendly and warm interior

The interior of this kitchen exudes a friendly and warm feeling. It is stylised with natural wood flooring, which is one of its biggest asset, glass panelled windows, milky white colour scheme and trendy lighting fixtures. A small extension of the kitchen island acts as a breakfast table.

Small kitchen with a sparkling decor

The interior of this small kitchen boasts of a sparkling décor. The kitchen planner has made the best use of the available space. Warm beige colour and a mix of glossy and matte surfaces give out a charming feel.

Kitchen with dark accent

The interior of this kitchen has been gives a strikingly beautiful black and white look. Warm wood flooring and wooden table offset the edgy nature of the colour scheme. The space also boasts of an abundance of natural light.

Décor with a difference

Sometimes simple measures like using roughhewn timber for flooring and furniture can have a dramatic effect on the interior. The earthly charm of this homey kitchen can be easily replicated anywhere in the world.

Bold design and colour

Though small in size, the interior of this modern kitchen does not lack a sense of drama. Its interior is steeped in shades of, black, white and sunny yellow. Built in cabinets ensure neat arrangement of kitchen utensils and appliances.

Exposed brick in kitchen and dining

Use of brick wall is in vogue now. The interior designer has used this trick to add a variation of texture. The U-shaped kitchen itself is designed with white and dark brown colours. One arm of the kitchen table works as a home bar counter.

Industrial décor in modern kitchen

The popularity of industrial décor rose in the early decades of the last century. In the recent years it is seeing a huge comeback. The interior of this kitchen, decked up with bold patterns, metallic hues and charcoal black tone is one of the most interesting examples of industrially decorated kitchen in the contemporary era.

A calm kitchen décor

After the drama of industrial décor, you step inside a small kitchen with a calm ambience and cool design. Take a note of the enormous built in cabinets which is very important for keeping the space thoroughly organised. The blue and white tone has been spiced up with yellow accent colour.

Open plan kitchen design

This kitchen acts as an integral part of the living and dining room. A lightweight display cabinet helps to protect the privacy of the kitchen and dining space. The worktop and oven have been designed in a linear fashion along with the dining table. The walls behind are decorated with kitchen cabinets.

Chic décor of a modern kitchen

The kitchen on the image above acts as a part of a spacious living room. Graceful wood panels on the ceiling, stone flooring and slim glass counter give this space a special look. Tom Dixon lighting fixtures glams up the interior further.

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Functional décor

The interior of this spacious kitchen lacks in ant sense of drama. However, its functional design is something that you must try to take inspirations from if you are planning to decorate a kitchen any time soon. Natural wood flooring and wall panels juxtapose the shiny surfaces of the kitchen cabinets.

Galley kitchen

Galley kitchen design is very suitable for small and rectangular rooms. You can set up a galley kitchen in an unused part of a corridor as well. The designer of this galley kitchen imbibed a warm feeling with the help of the sunny colour scheme, tiled flooring and exposed brick walls.

Curves are important

Contemporary design is very flexible about including curvaceous structure in the overall scheme of the things. Consider including a kitchen worktop with curvy edges or bar counter with curved lines like this kitchen.

Tiny kitchen with a trendy style

Take a peek inside this tiny kitchen with a trend setting style. Due to its narrow and oblong shape, the designer has opted for a single galley design. Dark blue splash in kitchen décor is not something we get to see often.

Glamorous décor

This one is another of the kitchens that boasts of a glamorous design in spite of its size. Wall mounted floating cabinets resolve some of the storage related concerns of the owners. Warm beige tone complements the appearance of the pitch dark kitchen table.

Hot design of a modern kitchen

The spicy red shade of the backsplash and the flooring injects new life in the otherwise simple kitchen design. The square shaped space has been optimally utilised with a U-shaped kitchen table. Classical window design does not fail to blend well with modern kitchen interior.

Modern kitchen with a rustic edge

Thanks largely to the exposed brick chimney and wooden ceiling, the otherwise modern interior of this kitchen has adopted a rustic edge. It is designed with its own barbeque area. The high ceiling and practical design make the space look breezy and more comfortable to inhabit for long hours.

Kitchen in modern apartment

Those of you about to enter a new apartment very soon or are planning to refurbish the existing one, should take a cue from the design of this stylish kitchen. Don’t get distracted by its unusual colour scheme. It looks charming enough. But see how to design a simple kitchen in an open plan living area.

Naturally bright kitchen interior

The architect of this house has installed skylight to brighten up the interior. Large glass panelled windows and doors also help to keep the interior bright and sunny throughout the day. The kitchen itself is decorated with modish cabinets made of natural wood.

Cheerful interior

Hardly anyone will feel fatigued working in a cheerful space like this even if one is in for long hours. The traditional horseshoe shaped kitchen has been decorated with a prominent kitchen island. Focus lighting fixtures and natural light keep the space bright and cheerful.

Design with interesting details

This kitchen interior has been illuminated with the help of skylight installations. It occupies an extended part of the apartment. The kitchen island with built in seating arrangement is another one of its interesting features.

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