22 Tips to Decorate a Small Living Room

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Poblenou in 3 acts Egue y Seta Living room
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Are you struggling to combine style and functionality in your small living room? Not able to manage the clutter of the space effectively? Not happy with its layout? Then this post will help you find the right décor solution for your small living room. Follow the tips that apply to the space you are about to refurbish. You will soon be proud to welcome your guests in your stunning living room.

Furniture with a lean look

Check out the coffee tables and corner tables. Furniture like these makes your living room more airy. The lighting fixture perfectly complements the design of the furniture. Using colours for distraction is another way of giving a small room a lively look.

Use of patterns

This is one of the oft ignored aspects of design. See how the geometric pattern of the area rug juxtaposes the smooth surfaces of the tv cabinet and the feature wall. The interior designer repeated the diamond pattern for the cushion covers as well.

Sectional sofa

Poblenou in 3 acts Egue y Seta Living room
Egue y Seta

Poblenou in 3 acts

Egue y Seta

Sectional sofas could easily be tucked into the corners of a small living room. The lightweight cane furniture and the lighting fixture help to beautify the space almost effortlessly.

Low height of furniture

Low height of furniture creates a visual illusion and makes the room look bigger. The low coffee table is also installed with wheels for easy portability. The milky white interior creates a seamless feeling which also makes the open plan living room appear bigger than it actually is.

Colourful artwork

Colourful artworks can bring in cheer in any room. The colourful abstract paintings on the wall do not fail to earn the viewers’ appreciation. The sunny yellow ottomans and cushions also help to vivify the interior atmosphere.

Natural light

CASA TRANSPORTABLE ÁPH80 ÁBATON Arquitectura Living room
ÁBATON Arquitectura


ÁBATON Arquitectura

Making optimal use of the available natural light is extremely important in a small room. A brightly lit up room looks more comfortable and welcoming than a gloomy space. It is also more hygienic for the inhabitants of the house.

Variation of texture

The exposed brick wall painted in white helps to add a variation of texture. This is an essential element of a stylish décor that you should try to incorporate in your home too. Wood flooring and choice of upholstery also help to vary the texture of all the décor materials in use.

Ceiling design

If you have a low ceiling with a series of beams then try to paint them in a neutral or white tone. This will make the room look more expansive. However, exposed wooden beams can be used to decorate the interior.

Recycling old furniture

If you are a DIY aficionado then you will love this small living room. See how this space is designed with an old trunk converted into a tv cabinet and a corner table which was nothing but a table for a sewing machine. The place of a conventional sofa is occupied by an upholstered classical bench.

Hanging the curtains high

By hanging the curtains higher than usual you can create a feeling of an expansive looking room. See how every door of this room is decorated in this fashion. Optimal use of motifs also gives the space an uncluttered look.

Installing glass partitions

By installing glass partitions, you can help to keep the flow of light uninterrupted. This makes a small living room look bigger. When privacy is a concern, install frosted, tinted or one way visibility glass. You may also use curtains to cover the partition when necessary.

Windows with curved tops

Windows with curved tops were characteristic of classical buildings. Even if your house is designed in a contemporary fashion, you may use the same trick to make your living room more stylish and spacious. Try to install larger windows in this space as well.

Having only the essential items

Having one the most essential of décor ensures you maintain an uncluttered room. Rooms like these are easier to clean and stylise as well. Check out the utterly stylish but extremely simple décor of the living room on the image above.

Creating contrasts

The contrasting colours of the wood flooring, sofa, arm chair and the white ceiling and walls create a sense of drama. Contrasting colours are very effective in bringing out the best of any space you are planning to redecorate, including your living room.

Replacing chairs with ottomans

Consider replacing the heavy arm chairs of your living room with small ottomans and pouffes. You may also invest in storage ottomans to keep the magazines, newspaper or your kid’s playthings away from everyone’s view.

Glass top tables

Glass top tables don’t make a room feel stuffy. Besides, if you have a gorgeous medallion rug, then glass top tables will give you and your guests a full of its beautiful design. Cool Scandinavian décor seems to be a perfect fit for a small living room as well.

Placing the furniture in the middle

Placing the furniture in middle of the room creates a sense of space. This layout is another outcome of the modern design trends of early 20th century. This, along with a Scandinavian sofa and added ceiling height, makes this open plan living room look so spacious.

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Design with a difference

Try to inject an element of surprise in the décor of the room. See how this space is decked up with old trunks transformed into a side table, mismatching chairs, shiny contemporary tv cabinet and vintage dresser.

Mirrors to decorate the walls

Mirrors not only add sparkle in the interior, but help to make look more expansive. Install large mirrors in your living room to give this space a cheery style. You may install the frameless varieties in a contemporary living room. You may also have furniture with mirrored surfaces.

Choice of flooring materials

Choice of flooring materials has a great impact on the beauty of the room. Natural wood flooring exudes a sense of warmth. Marble and sandstone flooring makes it look and feel brighter. Terracotta and ceramic tiles can be used to give the flooring a trendy look.

Floating cabinets

Floating cabinets don’t waste any floor space. So they are ideal for small homes. Replace your old stand cabinet with a floating display unit cum tv cabinet and enjoy designing a more spacious living room.

Grey living room decor

Grey living room decor is very popular in modern homes. Pale grey is often combined with white to design a neat and clean room with a comfortable décor. Try to inject some lively colours in the form of cushions or paintings though. Wood flooring can also help you to imbibe a sense of conviviality in the ambience.

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Which of these living room designs do you find most attractive?

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