7 Feng Shui Main Door Design Tips for Greater Prosperity

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For ages many eastern countries have looked up to such traditional methods like feng shui to design their homes and usher happiness and prosperity in them. Feng shui is closely followed even today. It has many worthy suggestions for homeowners can enormously help a prospective homeowner to decorate his or her home. Feng shui has simple to follow suggestions for nearly every corner of your home. Today we will discuss some feng shui tips for main door that will not only help you plan a welcoming home, but will also shower you with prosperity and happiness.

Uncluttered entryway

It is extremely important to design an approach to the main door of your house that is not cluttered in any way at all. Keep the garden path and front yard scrupulously clean. Remove dead leaves and drain stagnant water. Try to keep waste bins out of the view of your guests. These small steps can help you to design a very appealing entryway to your home. Besides, they promote the circulation of positive energy in and around your home.

Brightly lit up home entrance

Brightly lit up spaces look cheerful and feel more inviting. They are important from a security point of view as well. Feng shui recommends brightly lit up home entrance for its contribution to make your home a hub of peace, happiness and prosperity. You may install wall sconces on either side of the main door and patio. Installed LED lighting fixture on top of the door ensures you have an excellent visibility of those who are approaching your house in order to gain an entry. Your guests too will feel more comfortable in a brightly lit up space as opposed to a gloomy and dingy one.

What lies behind the door?

Your main door should not open towards a bathroom or kitchen. Don’t place your bathroom or kitchen on top of the main door on upper floor levels. These placements can create an unhealthy vibe and cause deterioration of health, hygiene and peace of those inhabiting such a house. Ideally, the main door should open up towards a cheerfully decorated hallway. You may hang a friendly image on the wall facing the front door, but never place mirrors on this wall. However, it is okay to install mirrors on either side of the front door. You may have a talk with with your interior designer about the various possible ways of decorating the hallway.

Green plants near the front door

Green plants are symbols of growth and abundance. The colour green is very important in feng shui. You may design a small garden as close to your front door as possible or decorated this space with potted plants. Do not choose cacti or creeping plants to decorate this area. It is better to opt for green shrubs, especially the perennial ones. Flowering plants will inject a cheerful vibe in the atmosphere. This will help you and your family members to keep your worries at bay while entering home.

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Water bodies close to the main door

Water bodies, especially small fountains, are often placed close to the front door in order to bring in growth and abundance in your life. You may place a small fountain on the right side of the door or in front of it. Just ensure that the flow of water remains towards the house and not away from it. This may cause draining of money and positive energy from your life. Keep your fountain clean and devoid of mossy growth. Remove stale water from it at periodic intervals.

Feng shui front door colours

Colours have special significance in our lives. Choose the front colour carefully. Understand the meaning of each front door colour according to feng shui. While green doors invite wealth and growth in your life, red ones promote abundance and vitality. Red doors are a particular favourite among the followers of feng shui, especially if the door occupies the south or south east corner of the house.

Blue doors are not discouraged in feng shui as tend to bring in peace in your life. Earthly colours like brown, beige, tan, buff etc provide you with better stability in life. Choose a door colour that complements the façade of your home and also welcomes the quality your life that you are seeking for long.

Feng shui front door: Light and air

Placing glass windows on either side of the main door or on top of it allows the hallway to get ample amount of natural light. If you ave followed the other tips on this list, the doorway becomes a portal to usher positive energy in the house. Make sure the door itself is made of sturdy materials and is not cracked or damaged in any way. Enjoy a positive interaction with the world. Enjoy peace, prestige and prosperity.

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Which of these feng shui tips are you planning to implement soon?

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