9 Tricks to Make Your Small Apartment Look More Spacious & Organised

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It’s true. Organising a small apartment apartment involves lot of hard work. You not only need clever design solutions, but also a lot of perseverance to see the fruition of your efforts. While designing a small space, it is best to take suggestions from an experienced interior designer. A professional could help you to design a stylish space within a reasonable budget. Keep the following tips in mind too. They will come in handy as your start designing your small home.

Lightweight furniture

While designing a small home, choose furniture that is slim and lightweight. Avoid having bulky sofas and arm chairs in your living room or bedroom. Never buy a three seater sofa when a two seater one is sufficient for your purpose. It is best to opt for furniture with built in storage systems like storage beds or multifunctional furniture such as a sofa bed or trundle bed.

Ingenuous storage solutions

Ingenuous storage solutions can resolve a lot of your storage related woes and make your apartment look more spacious. Consider using the space under the staircase that gives access to the loft area. You may even utilise the under floor space. You may need custom designed storage solutions that fits perfectly the space that you are planning to design. Install floating shelves on the walls, especially in such underutilised spaces like on top of the door ways and corridors to maximise the storage space.

Open plan architecture

Open plan architecture helps in free flow of communication between your living room, dining area and kitchen. That’s not the only advantage of selecting such a design solution. It makes your small home look bigger, aids in easy flow of natural light and energy. If you wish to you may create separate zones within a big room by using different materials for decorating the living room, kitchen and dining space. For example, you may jazz up the living room with exposed brick wall and can utilise ceramic tiles to cover the feature wall of your kitchen

Natural light

Making the maximum use of the available natural light is a key to a cheerful. It will inject vigour in the ambience and will make your home look much more spacious than it actually it. Don’t forget to have sufficient electrical lighting fixtures to illuminate the interiors after sunset.

Wooden elements

Natural wood helps you to design a very warm and chic home. See how you could include solid wood in your scheme of design. You may install wood flooring, wall panels, ceiling panels, furniture or a combination of these to stylise the interior. High quality wood is very durable and would be a worthy option for every penny you invest in it.

Using textures

Clever variation of texture can create welcome distractions. Your guests will be too busy appreciating your décor choices than thinking about the small size of the room. Exposed brick wall, concrete, wood and various kinds of fabric help you to induce a variety in the texture of your rooms.

Using curtains instead of building walls

Instead building walls or installing panels to differentiate various parts of your apartment, use curtains to protect privacy. This is also very useful way of keeping the bedroom out of everyone’s view in a one room apartment. This way you do not waste additional space and create any kind of clutter.

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Placing of furniture

Place your furniture in the middle of the room instead of always positioning them against the walls. This creates a sense of space in a small apartment. You can utilise this method in your living room, dining area and bedroom. See how the interior stylist has made a potent use of this simple trick to create a sense of an expansive living room.

Colour scheme

Keep your colour schemes simple. Sometimes most simple choices can make a small apartment look most appealing. Shades of grey and white are the most popular tones for small apartments. White reflects light well and gives out a cheery feel. You may utilise some other colours like yellow, blue or red to add a dash of spice in the ambience.

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Which of these small apartment design tricks do you find most interesting?

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