Why choose a marble bathroom design?

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Obviously, you can use marble in multiples locations in the home, but for the ultimate in luxury finishes, you can't go wrong with using as much of it as possible, in your bathroom. It really brings a certain wow factor into play, in a space that is so often understated or kept basic, which is why marble is such a recognizably covetable material, but it can be difficult to know how much to install and in what guises.

Professional bathroom planners will be able to give you an objective assessment of your existing space, in terms of where marble could make the biggest impact, but before you get the pros involved, take a look at our suggestions for inspired marble manipulation. 

​Marble bathroom tiles.

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If you think that adding marble to your bathroom is an expensive endeavor that you simply cannot afford, you might be surprised to learn that you can get the look for far less money, by buying tiles, as opposed to large slabs. You'll even find that many tile suppliers have marble-effect offerings that are exceptionally cost-effective, but don't allude to their faux status at all. Tips for getting the most from tiles include:

- Choosing a classic color scheme. Fashionable marble effects in bright colors will be a dead giveaway, so stick to cool white and gray effects.

- For an expensive look, opt for the largest tiles that you can afford. Bigger doesn't always mean better, but it does give the impression of far more money having been spent.

- Install tiles top to bottom. Leave no surface uncovered when you want marble tiles to really wow. Walls, floors and vanity surfaces can all be given a marble touch.

Carrara marble is key!

When you start looking into marble options for your bathroom, you'll definitely come across Carrara stoneware as it is a classic. Defined by the creamy white surfaces and piquant gray veining, it makes for a really striking and timeless display. 

Quarried in Italy, it is by no means the cheapest option when it comes to stone, but it is certainly very effective and can have a huge impact, even if only used in small quantities. We suggest that you take this striking bathroom as inspiration. A simple bathtub surround has added immeasurable class and sophistication, but won't have broken the bank. 

Marble sinks and countertops.

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Now here's a terrific idea for a bathroom with a difference! So many people look to add marble to an already very contemporary space, but here, a darker variation has been combined with classic rich wood, to create a traditional finish that oozes good taste.

By simply adding a long slab of marble, as a vanity countertop and sink surround, the entire bathroom here has been lifted and given a far more costly look. The added benefit of a marble counter is that it will be very easy to keep clean and hygienic, not to mention cool and unaffected by moisture. 

Marble bathroom accessories.

So far, we've looked at adding marble to a bathroom in the form of wall and floor tiles and vanity countertops, but what if smaller details are all you can attend to, right now? Well, we think we have some excellent ideas that will get you on the marble train of thought, but without going overboard or overspending:

- A small marble toothbrush holder. This will be a hygienic, stylish and easy to clean installation that will help to maintain an unfussy and uncluttered countertop. 

- An easy to fill tissue box. How many people do you know that have a marble facial tissue dispenser? It would definitely be a talking point!

- A marble soap dish. What a lovely way to keep your hand soap displayed elegantly!

Natural pattern diversity.

A lot of people try to use tiles to create an interesting and eye-catching pattern in their bathrooms, but with marble, that is a natural side-effect. Not only that, but the muted natural veining looks terrific when contrasted with bolder, manmade displays, as this particular bathroom so amply demonstrates. The combination of monochrome flooring with marble wall tiles and a simple white ceiling just works so well and creates an ever-evolving theme that is most definitely timeless. If something won't ever date, it will be a solid investment forever.

Marble floor ideas.

We like to think that we save done of the best marble bathrooms for last here and that it demonstrates how incredible top to bottom marble installations can look. We think it also helps you to picture how striking and effective a marble floor could be. It wouldn't only be beautiful though, as it is a naturally water-resistant material that will be easy to clean and maintain and, short of chipping it, there's no maintenance to worry about. Ever. That's just amazing bank for your buck, especially if you ever come to sell your home. What potential buyers wouldn't be willing to up their offer by a few dollars, to own a marvelous marble bathroom.

Don't forget to keep looking at other bathroom marble ideas, to get a real feel for the aesthetic that you'd love in your home.

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