How to Clean a House in One Hour or Less?

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To maintain the health and hygiene of the interiors of your home, you need to clean a house regularly. It is also essential to give your home a thorough clean up to maintain its stylish look. But cleaning takes time. It is difficult to carve out sufficient time from your busy schedule. So how could you fit it perfectly within your schedule? It is not easy. But it is not impossible. Let’s find out how.

1. Be realistic

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Be realistic about the amount of task you need to perform to keep your house in order. It is not possible to complete everything at one go. You will soon feel stressed and tired after such a workload as this. So don’t make a lengthy to do list and start cleaning every hidden corner in one hour or so. Identify the spaces that need your regular attention. Keep your deep cleaning scheduled once in every fortnight or so. When possible, seek help of your family members. A work done this way is far more enjoyable and much less stressful. Besides, it would be a faster way of achieving your goal.

2. Bring some order in the living room

Straighten up the area rug. Put the cushions and throws in their propose places. Take time out to remove the clutter from your coffee table and console tables. Dust of the shelves. Arrange your bookshelves. If you have wood flooring, seek help of a expert floor installer to wax and seal in every five years' or so.

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3. Clean the bed

Take some time out in the morning to clean the bed and change the bed furnishings if needed. Clean up the nightstands and remove withered flowers from the vases. Change the water of the flower vase. Put your pillows and cushions in order. These activities don’t cost you much time especially when you start performing them regularly.

4. Clean up the kitchen

Wet mot the kitchen worktop. Give your ovens a thorough clean too. Remove waste from this space. Clean up the soiled plates. Vacuum clean the flooring. If the backsplash has become greasy, use detergent to clean it thoroughly. Don’t let dirt accumulate in this space.

5. Take care of the bathroom interior

Clean up the wash basin and change bath towels you have already used the previous day. Use commercial mirror cleaner or a mild vinegar solution to clean the bathroom mirror. If there is any stale water in the shower area or bathtub, drain it properly. Once in every month clean the ceramic tiles of the bathroom. You will soon find how refreshing your bathroom looks after these minor steps.

6. Avoid having a messy workspace

Find some time to tackle the mess of your home office. Remove the old stains of coffee cups from the table. Put your documents, books and stationery in order. An orderly workplace often makes the work easier and more pleasurable. Unless you have ignored this space for a very long time, this would not take more than 5 to 7 minutes.

7. Clean the hallways

Vacuum clean the hallways. You may need to care the area near the front door and shoe shelves with special care. Don’t forget to clean the dust from the main door. A clean and elegantly decorated is a portal to greater happiness, says feng shui.

8. Make your windows squeaky clean

Use a solution of sodium bicarbonate and water or glass cleaning chemicals to clean the windows. Suspended dust particles in the city’s atmosphere often do a great harm to its beauty and clarity. Cleaning it on a regular basis will ensure there is barrier for natural light to circulate inside your home.

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Which of these cleaning tips you find most useful for your home?

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