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Corner Cabinet Ideas for Better Kitchen Organization

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Optimizing the available space is the key to good design. It helps to eliminate some of the clutters of a dwelling, especially in a small living space, and make the interior look more expansive. A kitchen with proper storage system makes it more functional and stylish. Try to make use of every corner of your kitchen. These corner cabinet ideas will help you design a spacious and functional kitchen.

Corner shelf ideas

This gracefully designed kitchen provides you with some worthy corner shelf ideas. The upper section of the cabinet is fitted wooden shelves. The base unit is supplied with another set of corner shelf which is built from clear glass. Apart from natural wood and glass, you may utilize galvanized metal and engineered wood to build such shelving systems. Corner shelves made of plywood or laminated engineered wood can cost $50 CAD or more. The size of the cabinet also determines its price. The corner wire racks cost slightly lower than that.

Corner cabinet solutions

While searching for corner cabinet ideas look for those items that perfectly fit the given space. You should measure the space carefully before ordering your preferred corner cabinet solutions. Most of the times, corner cabinets come bundled with a built in cabinet system. If you are thinking of going for bespoke corner cabinets, then have a talk with your kitchen planner professional and see what suggestion he or she has in store for you. Think about how you wish to utilize the extra space. The choice of design will be dictated by this.

Kitchen corner cabinets

Kitchen corner cabinets can be integrated into architecture of the room. It is not necessary to buy it as a part of built in cabinets. You can transform an empty corner of the kitchen into a closet to store cleaning materials and instruments. Choose a design that blend well with the surrounding décor and color scheme. For example, if your kitchen is decorated in a classical style then go for kitchen corner cabinets made of wood instead of laminated plywood or metal.

Blind cabinet

Magic Corner Solution Urban Myth KitchenStorage
Urban Myth

Magic Corner Solution

Urban Myth

Blind cabinet is one of the best corner cabinet solutions for the kitchen. The design itself makes it easy to reach and store away kitchen utensils and other materials when not in need. The sturdy structure of blind cabinet is also capable of withstanding the weight of relatively heavier objects. However, installing a cabinet like this could turn out to be a slightly tricky task. Take help of an expert interior designer for a clean and hassle free installation. To buy three tier blind cabinets you may need to pay more than $300 CAD.

Corner drawers

Harbourside kitchen Tim Jasper Kitchen
Tim Jasper

Harbourside kitchen

Tim Jasper

If you are thinking of some added space for storing away the cutlery and other small tools frequently needed in the kitchen then you should think of installing corner drawers. Drawers like the one on the image above help you to make an optimum use of the corner space. Like blind cabinets they are easy to reach out to. You will not lose your spoons and forks any longer as would exactly know where to find them.

Small corner cabinet

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French farm house blue

Auspicious Furniture

A small corner cabinet is sufficient to store some of the most essential items of kitchen. This type of cabinets does not create additional clutter in a small kitchen. While buying a small corner cabinet, choose one that goes well with other articles of furniture. If you have a contemporary kitchen with cabinets showcasing simple design and straight lines, then avoid buying a small cabinet with curvy design. Don’t forget the color scheme of your kitchen. Buy a corner cabinet that blends well with the existing colors.

Upper corner cabinets

Upper corner cabinets help you utilize the vacant space on the wall. Designs like this play an important role in the functionality and appearance of a small kitchen. You may install upper corner cabinets without doors, completely covered doors or doors with glass panels. You may even install cabinets with mirrored doors for a bit of extra glamour. Select a lightweight cabinet for this purpose and keep in mind the load bearing capacity of the space where you are going to set it up.

Kitchen pantry cabinets

Harbourside kitchen Tim Jasper Kitchen
Tim Jasper

Harbourside kitchen

Tim Jasper

Kitchen pantry cabinets can act as a larder and store away uncooked food items and other materials. This type of cabinet needs to be spacious enough to keep your provisions organized. You may opt for a stylish corner cabinet similar to the one on the image above. It blends well with ambiance. Its semicircular form looks interesting enough. It is big enough to act a proper pantry cabinet for a small family.

Swinging pullouts

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Le Mans Pull Out Storage

Urban Myth

Swinging pullouts act as an easy reach cabinet. It is similar to the blind cabinet and is very useful for storing away the kitchen essentials and small appliances. Kitchen design is not solely about making it look more stunning. You need to build a functional space where you would enjoy working for long hours without getting stressed in any way. Swinging pullouts are also an age friendly option. 

Lazy Susan is another perennially favorite corner cabinet for kitchens. It can be installed in smallest of corners and is a cost effective storage solution as well. You can buy Lazy Susan organizers in as little as $25 CAD.

Stylish corner cabinets

Linear | A Contemporary Kitchen Extension Davonport Modern style kitchen

Linear | A Contemporary Kitchen Extension


Curved corner cabinets can easily become a style statement for any kitchen. Make use of this added storage space to keep your dry fruits, condiments and other packaged food items neatly in order. Choose corner cabinets that are made of similar materials as the other units of cabinet. If the other storage units installed in this space has a laminated décor then go for a laminated corner cabinet. Otherwise, you will end up creating an anomaly in the design of your beautiful kitchen. A spacious corner cabinet made of plywood can cost you more than $200 CAD.

Corner cabinet organization ideas

Canterbury | Solid Oak, Hand Painted Kitchen Davonport Kitchen White

Canterbury | Solid Oak, Hand Painted Kitchen


To make the best use of your corner cabinets you need a few more items. Half-moon wire trays, wooden trays or glass trays are suitable for blind cabinets and Lazy Susans. You may use baskets made of wicker or cane to organize every small items in a large corner cabinet. Pot racks with hooks can be installed in the easy reach cabinets. Pot rack organizers are priced between $60 CAD and $300 CAD. The cost of materials and their sizes determine the actual price. Buy organizers that are durable and easy to clean. Add labels to the baskets and organizers to easily identify the contents. This is especially needed for upper corner cabinets mounted on the walls

Tips to clean the corner cabinets

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Alaris London Ltd

Happiest when the skies are blue

Alaris London Ltd

Try to follow a cleaning regimen for your kitchen. You need to clean the kitchen worktop and oven every day. But kitchen cabinets do not need regular tending. Try to place everything back into cabinets as soon as your day’s work is done. Don’t leave them scattered everywhere in the room. Wet mop the shelves once or twice every month. You may use commercial cleaning solutions or a mild vinegar solution to clean plastic or metal shelves and racks. 

Glass and wood should be cleaned with specified cleaning solutions only. Don’t use any rough or abrasive material to clean the corner shelves. They will leave scratch marks on the surface. Use a small vacuum clean to clean the difficult to reach corners if any.

Check put these worthy tips for organizing the kitchen interior.

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