22 Spectacular Small Gardens for Every Home

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Cicero, one of history’s pre-eminent thinkers, said, “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” Unfortunately, gardens are fast vanishing features of modern residential homes. Most of the city houses don’t have enough space to plant beautiful trees and create a peaceful ambience. If you still retain a small patch of land on your front yard or in the back of the house, you can still create an urban oasis. These small gardens are going to show you the way.

A green patch steeped in beauty

This green patch of land is steeped in beauty. It is decorated with a variety of flowering plants and bushes. A single tree creates a statement of a sort. The décor of the boundary walls, including the metallic wall art, is something that speaks volumes about the tastes of the owners of the house.

Wooden deck and potted plants

This wood clad patio is decorated with several potted plants. Strategic positioning of the planters on the wall gives it a very chic look. Matching wooden outdoor dining furniture occupies the central spot.

Cheerful tropical garden

The architect has skilfully merged the outdoor entertainment area with the tiny garden close to the boundary wall. The ground is prepared with stone chips. Apart from the wooden steps, it is decorated with several garden plants and also a vertical garden wall.

Vines on terrace

Girl and the cat BLACKHAUS Modern style gardens Wood Green

Girl and the cat


The décor of this terrace is bound to leave you completely mesmerised. It is gracefully decked up with variety of potted plants and vines. Simple wicker furniture, wood flooring and trellis behind the small sofa complete the stunning look of this urban oasis.

Garden on the rooftop

When it is not possible to design a charming garden around your house, identify some other nooks and corner to set up a beautiful garden. The rooftop could be a worthy option to explore. The green rooftop of this house not only increases its beauty, but also improves the insulation qualities of the interiors.

Backyard with fruit and vegetable garden

Use your backyard to design a small kitchen garden. Nothing can be tastier than the fresh fruits, vegetable or herbs grown in your garden through your own efforts. Spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, chili pepper, tomato, mint, basil and lavender are some of the easy to grow plants.

Small garden with interesting layers

Create layers using a variety of plants – from small flowering plants like salvia, hedges like boxwood, medium sized plants like hydrangea and trees like palm, banana, lemon and so on. Plants that are going to grow tall should be planted along the periphery.

Japanese style rock garden

Japanese Style Garden Unique Landscapes Asian style gardens
Unique Landscapes

Japanese Style Garden

Unique Landscapes

Japanese style rock gardens are very suitable for small spaces. You may even design rock gardens on your terrace, under the staircase and on the front yard. Decorating a small garden on the front garden is another option you may consider exploring.

Garden with unusual feature

Add character by opting for unique feature like a tiled grass bed. The checkerboard look of this garden is one of its major features. It makes the space look so irresistibly charming. You may use wood, terracotta or ceramic tiles to obtain a look like this.

Tiny tropical garden

This mini tropical garden is an excellent option to beautify the entryway of a house. It is simple, uncluttered and, most importantly, easy to grow. Areca, kentia and ravenea are some of the palm species that are ideal for indoor garden.

Small garden with outdoor seating arrangement

Bespoke Western Red Cedar hairpin leg table and built in floating bench Tom Massey Landscape & Garden Design Modern style gardens Concrete
Tom Massey Landscape & Garden Design

Bespoke Western Red Cedar hairpin leg table and built in floating bench

Tom Massey Landscape & Garden Design

Create a simple seating arrangement on your backyard where you may sit down and relax for sometime every day. You may even use this space to entertain your guests for occasional garden parties.

Backyard with vertical garden

​Back garden at Bedford Gardens House. Nash Baker Architects Ltd Modern style gardens
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

​Back garden at Bedford Gardens House.

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

The exquisite beauty of this small backyard immediately attracts everyone who manages a glimpse of it. The space decorated with boxwood plants and vertical garden. Comfortable outdoor seating arrangement seems perfectly in tune with the surrounding beauty.

Tiny garden filled in cheer

A skilful mixture of natural wood, stone and concrete give this tiny backyard garden a special look. A range of plants add an element of charm. A small water body or fountain can be used to increase the beauty of this space even further.

Rock garden design

This rock garden is decorated with banana plants set in planters. A small fountain is designed on the far end on the garden. Use of larger pebbles gives it an unusual look.

Minimalist garden

A minimalist garden design helps you to make a tiny backyard look more expansive. Use of bamboo and rubber plants would help you add that green touch without cluttering the space. Opt for simple wrought iron, rattan or wood furniture to decorate this space.

Romantic garden décor

The inspiring garden décor will fill anyone with many admirable ideas. Small wooden benches have been set in one corner of the garden. Old fashioned lanterns accentuate its rustic feel.

Garden with swimming pool

The small terrace of this garden extends to a tiny deck area and then the swimming pool. The boundaries are decorated with several green plants and cacti. The sun soaked expanse of the space looks just the one to relax for long.

Vertical garden decorating the doorway

CASA COLINA DEL MIRADOR VERDE360 Modern style gardens



This is a very ingenuous method of designing a welcoming entryway. The entire space around the main door is decorated with vertical garden. A small stream of water flows in front of the door. To approach the doorway one must walk across the path decked up with wooden steps.

A space for relaxation

If you wish to decorate a simple space for peace and relaxation in your tiny garden, then this is one of the best possible ways of doing it. The tiny area is stylised with vertical garden, potted plants and simple bench. You may even introduce colourful planters to add a dash of spice.

Interesting water feature in small garden

This small garden is defined by its array of interconnected fountains designed in an interesting way. The space between the water feature and boundary wall is decorated with several green plants. Have a look at the interesting shape of the dining table.

Cloaked in greenery

The green covering of this small patch of land makes this garden look so utterly special. Rustic furniture feels in tune with the surrounding ambience. Consider speaking with an experienced landscape designer to plan a tiny garden like this.

Vertical garden with sculpture

We round off this post with one of the most unusual small garden décor. The owners of this house have decided to introduce the combined effects of vertical garden and rock bed in their backyard. They have also used interesting sculptures to increase the charm of this space.

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