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26 Creative Kitchen Inspirations for Your Small Home

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Designing a stylish and functional kitchen is a challenging task. It becomes all the more complicated when you need to manage it in a small space. An experienced kitchen designer can help you design a trendy and comfortable kitchen interior. The following inspirations would leave you with plenty of ideas.

Kitchen with a patchwork backsplash

The clean and elegant décor of this small kitchen is a copy-worthy design for every prospective homeowner. Thanks to the patchwork of ceramic tiles decorating the backsplash, the kitchen has got a warm and colourful touch. Its cream coloured interior is decorated with wooden cabinets and dining table.

Kitchen with a serene décor

The contemporary interior of this small kitchen is decorated with built in cabinets and floating shelves. Its pale blue colour scheme gives it a stylish look.

All white kitchen interior

Modern homeowners tend to prefer a colour scheme in kitchen that is dominated by white. It gives the space a clean and tidy look. This tiny kitchen also looks gorgeous due to colourful chairs and wall décor. Wall mounted shelving systems and cabinets help the owners to keep the kitchen in order.

Light filled kitchen

Decorating a bright kitchen is important from functional point of view. Light filled kitchens tend to look bigger as well. This kitchen interior also boasts of exposed brick walls alongside its cheery ambience.

Wood clad kitchen

Decorating with wood gives you two distinct advantages. It makes the interior feel more genial. Natural wood also happens to be one of the most durable building materials. This kitchen interior is designed with wood flooring and solid wooden furniture.

Metallic worktop

Kitchen worktop made of aluminium alloy is one of the favourites among the professionals. It is easy to clean and cost effective. This tiny is also stylised with wood flooring and walls covered with ceramic tiles.

Kitchen clad in tiles

Ceramic tiles are not susceptible to moisture related problems which make them an ideal choice for kitchens of every size. This classically decorated kitchen is decorated with tiled flooring and backsplash. Cool blue interior gives out a graceful feel.

Wall décor of a small kitchen

It is essential to effectively use the walls of the kitchen. Consider installing shelving systems on the wall to expand the storage capacity of a small space. Check out the painted brickwork of this small kitchen for further wall design inspirations.

Kitchen behind the partition

The interesting design of the partition wall helps to make this tiny kitchen look slightly more expansive. It also receives generous amount of natural light. Wood flooring, wooden cabinets and wooden worktops contribute to the elegant décor of the small space.

Kitchen table with unusual design

The unusual design of the kitchen table makes optimal use of the awkwardly shaped room. It is decorated with stylish wooden furniture and dark flooring.

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Galley kitchen as a style statement

A galley kitchen similar to this one could act as a style statement of your modern home. It is almost entirely clad in natural wood. Large storage systems make the best use of the available space.

Kitchen with dark accent

Dark colour is not something we get to see in a small kitchen often. This kitchen is decorated with a charcoal black tone. Dark natural wood flooring complements its colour scheme.

Kitchen with built in storage

Built in storage systems like the one in this kitchen helps you enormously to design and maintain an organised home. The kitchen island is attached with the dining table. The design looks all the more charming due to the generous use of solid wood.

Interesting kitchen design

This kitchen boasts of a trendy bistro style look. Its interior is soaked in dark colour. Use of blackboard wall paint and natural wood can be observed as well.

Galley kitchen with a cheery interior

The simple yet functional design of this galley kitchen is attractive enough to entice many. It is decorated with shelving systems made of roughhewn wood. Availability of natural light is another hallmark of this small kitchen design.

Kitchen design for optimum functionality

While planning the interior of a kitchen try to maintain a triangle between the refrigerator, oven and kitchen sink. It makes your work so much easier even in a small space. Use something interesting, such as the knotty natural wood of the cabinets, to give your kitchen a special look.

Cool colour scheme

Pale blue is not a colour that is frequently used in a kitchen. But it could give this space a cool and uncluttered look. Except for elegant built in cabinets, trendy lighting fixtures have been used to decorate the space.

Single galley kitchen

Many small apartments, especially the one room apartments, are often built with single galley kitchens. Despite the smallness of its size, you can design a very functional kitchen this way too. Have a look at this kitchen with useful storage systems and interesting tile design.

Lively kitchen interior

The otherwise all white interior of this open plan kitchen has been pepped up with the help of natural wood flooring, kitchen island and cabinet. Aluminium worktop adds a bit of sheen in the interior décor.

Small kitchen with classical touch

Classical décor is not something we frequently get to see in a small kitchen. This classically styled space is decorated with elegant furniture and a colour scheme dominated by pastel shades. Use of blue flooring and warm creamy yellow backsplash also adds an interesting touch.

Japanese kitchen design

Japanese design has always been hailed for its beauty and simplicity. The tiny kitchen interior decorated with natural wood, metal and laminated furniture look ultra comfortable to work for a long time. The sliding shoji screen on the far end of the room acts as a doorway.

Kitchen with stone accent

All white kitchen is a contemporary favourite. The interior of this kitchen decorated with unusual stone backsplash. Wooden kitchen table also adds variety in texture.

Open plan living room and kitchen

Open plan architecture helps you design a free flowing space. Lack of barriers between various zones makes the entire apartment look more expansive. This open plan living room and kitchen exemplifies this design ideal.

Dark blue kitchen

Dark blue kitchen colour gives this space a very clean and interesting look. A dark colour scheme should be complemented with bright lighting to make the space safe for work. It would help to make it look more expansive as well.

Kitchen with a view of the city

This kitchen boasts of a panoramic view of the city. But it is not the specialty of this tiny yet tastefully decorated space. The interior is decorated with a combination of black and white tiles with interesting motifs. Slim and lightweight furniture has been used to decorate the space.

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Which of these small kitchen designs do you find most attractive?

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