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6 Tips For Saving Time And Money On Bathroom Renovations

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The bathroom is an often neglected area in many homes. And as the smallest room in the house with really only one purpose, it is easy to see why. Since you don’t gather there to entertain or eat, your bathroom can quickly transform into an outdated, less functioning room. If this is the case with you and your bathroom, you should consider remodeling so that your space fits in style, beauty, and functionality with the rest of your home. But if you’re like many other people desiring a remodel, you know just how expensive it can be to hire builders, buy new fixings, or perhaps hire a plumber. Even the smallest bathroom can require costly materials for a complete remodeling. But remodeling your bathroom does not have to break the bank. We here at homify are dedicated to showing you the best, most cost effective ways of remodeling any room in your home from drab to fab, and that is why we have created this Ideabook – to show you six tips and tricks for saving time and money on your bathroom renovation.

Have everything planned in advance

A bathroom remodeling is no small undertaking, so before you start tearing up the tiles and picking out a new tub, you should have every detail of your remodeling planned before you start its execution. Depending on how extreme you want your remodeling to be, you will need a list of all of the elements you want to fix, change, or touch up. This list will act as your blueprint and you can budget much better this way. For instance, if you really want new tiles in your bathroom, shop around and find a style that fits not only in your price range, but also in accordance with the overall value of your home. Needless to say, it would be pretty pointless to renovate a bathroom for 100,000£ when your home’s value is at 200,000£.

Bring in natural light without adding a window

One way to make your bathroom look and feel new, airy, and welcoming is to bring in as much natural light into the space as possible. When we say this, we don’t intend you to go and knock down a wall to install a new window or anything over the top like that. You can easily add natural light to a space without adding a window. One thing you can do is add a large mirror in a space where it can reflect natural light coming in from another area of the home. This works not just for bouncing some light around the room, but also for adding a sense of depth that breaks up tight wall planes. Another thing you can do that’s similar to adding a mirror is to hang a large piece of art, preferably one in white or with a metallic frame and lots of white background. This breaks up the wall like a window would and brings in a snap of lightness for those of you who prefer not to have floor to ceiling white colour.

Restyle your old bath shelf

Another cheap way to remodel your bathroom is to restyle the furniture inside, and the bath shelf is a perfect place to start. First of all, if you don’t have a bath shelf, invest in one! They are a great addition to any bathroom because they come in virtually any shape or size, they organize your space, and they can be great places to house small accessories. The taller the bath shelf, the better, in our opinion. Having a low-lying, wide bath shelf takes up more floor space and will make your bathroom feel more crowded, and that’s not something we want when we’re trying to transform your space. Taller, leaner bath shelves give you the option of adding more furniture, if you so choose, and make the room seem taller and more open.

Paint the walls

Colour in a bathroom is very important. It dictates the mood and determines how large the space feels. So when transforming your bathroom, painting your walls will add new life, new style, and a clean feel without the hassles of undertaking a complete bathroom remodeling. There is no need to hire a painter to come in and paint the walls of your washroom when you can easily do it yourself at less than half the cost. If you have a larger bathroom, experiment with different colours. You can go bold like this bathroom here, or you can be more modern in your style, but perhaps add an accent wall. If you have a smaller washroom, however, stick with the lighter colours so that your space doesn’t feel cramped.

Add luxurious touches with the right accessories

You can easily add a sense of luxury to any bathroom just by adding a few small accessories. Just think about any hotel suite you have every stayed in – there is usually a small basin with little soaps and shampoos, a towel rack underneath the sink to save on space, or perhaps a small bench where you can place your perfumes or sit to style yourself for the day. Put some small scented candles on the bathroom counter for added aroma and class, and a new area rug will bring new dimension and style. Adding these small accessories will make any bathroom feel more posh. You can also add a small laundry basket underneath the counter – if your bathroom has such a layout – for your used towels.

Add a stylish mirror

It is incredible how the smallest things in a room can have a big impact on the overall atmosphere and style, and you will be amazed at just how much a stylish mirror can change your space. As we have mentioned before, mirrors can help to bring in more natural light from other areas of the home without adding a new window, but the addition of a mirror with an intricate frame – perhaps styled with jewels, colourful pieces of glass, or in this case, intricate carvings – can really add a sense of class to an otherwise plain washroom.

After reading this Ideabook, are you ready to renovate your bathroom and save a little time and money in the process? Let us know how you did below!
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