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12 Simple Ways of Making Your Home Look Spectacular

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Who doesn’t love to live in a stunningly decorated home? But home decoration needs time and money. Or, so you may think. Our today’s article will come to you as a huge surprise. We will show you how to make the best use of the ingredients already available in your home. You will be able to perform magic with simple solutions like these.

Use natural light

Canton Round Dining Table LOMBOK Dining roomTables

Canton Round Dining Table


Make the best use of the available natural light. It makes your home look more cheerful and expansive. It is also more hygienic to live in a space that receives ample natural light. Don’t block the windows with furniture or other articles of décor. Let the light flow inside the four walls of your home.

Decorate with mirrors

You can use mirrors to make a small room look more spacious. Due to its reflective surface, mirror helps in circulating light as well. You may decorate the walls with mirrors. Investing in furniture with mirrored surface is another viable option for you.

Make a small room look more spacious with these tricks.

Make use of biomorphic shapes

Biomorphic shapes look spectacular in a contemporary setting. Look at the coffee table on the image above and see how it literally transforms the interior of the room. Due to their harmony with natural elements, biomorphic designs add a graceful touch in the living space.

Buy cushion covers with interesting motifs

Truffle sofa Loaf Living room

Truffle sofa


Yes, cushion covers too have a big say in the ambience of the room. Simply change your old cushion covers with the ones having slightly different colours and motifs. See how refreshing the interior looks with this simple change. You may even recycle some of your old articles furnishings and clothing to design patchwork cushion covers with a beautiful look.

Curtain length

Long curtains make a small room look larger. Use this trick to design an expansive looking space, especially if you have low ceiling height. Follow the colour scheme closely while buying curtain textiles. You may have a talk with an expert interior stylist to choose the right colours for your rooms.

Decorative shelving systems

Magnetika living M02 Ronda Design Living room
Ronda Design

Magnetika living M02

Ronda Design

Shelving systems can be used to beautify the interiors as well. Choose floating shelving systems in contrasting colours or buy one with a slightly different design. Besides acting like a wall art, they will resolve some of your storage related woes.

Greenery in the interiors

It is impossible to design an elegant home without this particular feature. Buy indoor plants like rubber fig, palms, peace lily and philodendron. You may even bring home ferns and orchids that thrive well in a dark and moist place. Having a small rock garden would be another option for you to try.

Vary the textures

Vary the textures in the interiors to create a magnificently designed living space. You may easily do so by opting for glossy and matte colours or with the upholstery fabric like cotton, silk, velvet or linen. Using different materials like ceramic tiles, brick, natural stone and wood will also help you vary the textures.

Decorate with art

Gorgeous Feathers Pixers Living room Blue

Gorgeous Feathers


Breathe life in the ambience by decorating your rooms with artworks. You may use some the photographs taken by you to decorate the walls of your living room, bedroom and hallways. If you are an expert needlework then you may design a tapestry wall hanging. Buying fine art paintings for your home would be another option for you to explore.

Built in storage systems

Built in storage systems make the living area look cleaner and more fashionable. They also help you maximise the storage space in your kitchen, dining area, dressing room and other parts of the building.

Skilful use of dark shades

Dark shades should not be completely ruled out while decorating a space. They can add a sense of drama in the interiors. Use dark colours skilfully to highlight the feature wall or a particular corner of your home. Install sufficient lighting fixtures to keep the space illuminated.

Transparent furniture

Transparent furniture not only looks stylish in a contemporary setting, but makes your rooms look more spacious. They don’t block the flow of light. Transparent acrylic furniture is lightweight and ideal for small homes.

Check out these creative kitchen inspirations for your home.

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