Country Heights Damansara: A Luxury Malaysian Home with a Spectacular Design

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Country Heights Damansara - Contemporary Family House MJ Kanny Architect Modern houses
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A contemporary family home not only needs to have a trendy design, but should also be ultra comfortable for those inhabiting its space. Contemporary design abhors excesses. Minimalism is the key to decorating a stylish yet comfortable home. This contemporary family home that we are going to show you today not only fulfils all these criteria, but also attracts everyone’s attention for some other very interesting reasons.

Façade of the house

Exterior rear facade MJ Kanny Architect Modern houses
MJ Kanny Architect

Exterior rear facade

MJ Kanny Architect

It took about two and half years' for the residential project to be completed by MJKanny Architect. The firm is spearheaded by Ar. Melvyn Joachim Kanny was established in 2002,  and together with his team of architects and designers have already completed a number of very successful projects. This lovely residential building above is one of the firm’s many sterling creations.

One side of the house opens towards a fantastic view of the hilly terrain and a forest reserve however managing the other three sides brought up some challenges. With noise concerns and privacy some of the issues to consider, the architects formulated an ingenious roof design to provide some privacy to the dwellers of the house. Known as a safari roof, it is comprised of a metal structure with a solid concrete layer underneath to provide protection from public views as well as the summer sun. 

The house is separated into three different levels. The lower ground floor is built with a spacious patio and direct access to the garden and spectacular views of the surroundings. The façade itself is very much in tune with contemporary architecture utilising a mix of dark grey and light colours as well as a variety of materials give it a very interesting look.

Living room

Lap Pool overlooking the Living Room MJ Kanny Architect Pool
MJ Kanny Architect

Lap Pool overlooking the Living Room

MJ Kanny Architect

The stylish living room is located just behind the spacious swimming pool, accessed through sliding doorways. Boasting generous proportions the living room itself follows open plan architecture using a wooden deck bridge to connect the living room and one of the biggest attractions of the house—the swimming pool complex. In the sultry summer months of there's no better place to spend time than poolside.

The ground floor has an age friendly design which is planned keeping in mind the needs of the aged members of the family. A private garden has been designed keeping especially their preferences in mind.

Kitchen cum dining area

Casual Dining and sleek contemporary modern kitchen MJ Kanny Architect Modern style kitchen
MJ Kanny Architect

Casual Dining and sleek contemporary modern kitchen

MJ Kanny Architect

The delectable décor of the kitchen cum dining area is bound to earn the immediate appreciation of the guests. Here, the white flooring and wall colours have been accentuated with the dark brown tones of the furniture. The use of the stone wall helps to vary the texture of the room while dining table provides some balance to the spacious kitchen island.

Room with extended height

Living Room with study studio above MJ Kanny Architect Living room
MJ Kanny Architect

Living Room with study studio above

MJ Kanny Architect

Here, you can enjoy the full view of the living room and the spacious dining area. This is the formal dining area which faces the lounge and both are decorated with modern furniture and stylish chairs. The extended height of the already spacious room gives it a breezy and glamorous feel.

Staircase design

Main Stairway - right elevation MJ Kanny Architect Stairs
MJ Kanny Architect

Main Stairway—right elevation

MJ Kanny Architect

The staircase plays a key role in the design of the house, not only acting an axis to the whole building, but also decking up the space with its trendy design. This part of the façade boasts stone cladding and large glass windows or a high end luxury look with a blend of concrete and travertine stone used to accentuate the main staircase. From the outside it appears to float over the beautiful water feature below while the light filled interior looks stunning.

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Like other parts of the building it is generously proportioned. Its warm colour scheme gives the space an attractive look yet maintains a relaxing nature. To complement the spacious bathtub and stylish vanity unit, the room is designed with floating shelves to help maximise the storage space. A tiny patio  just across the bathroom decorated with a number of potted green plants adds to the relaxed feel.

It is worthwhile to note what the architectural firm feels about the project. We don't believe in styles as styles come and go. Architecture should be relevant to the place and be inspired by its context, history and culture. Our style, if we want to define it, is very much tropical- contemporary as the buildings we do responds to the climate as well as the clients' aspirations and dreams of what a house means to them. Definitely an approach to aspire to. 

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