7 Budget Friendly Ideas of Injecting New Life in Your Home

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Feeling bored with the internal atmosphere of your home? Think it needs a refreshing touch, but afraid to shell out a lot of money in redecoration? Then our today’s tips will help you achieve just what you want at a fraction of a cost. Following these will not only help you decorate a stylish home with a spritely new look, but will draw immediate attention of your close friends. Yes, you will soon hear them going overboard appreciating your tastes and choice of décor.


Artworks have power to move us to the very core. They can be effective tools of bringing in cheer and happiness in the interiors of your home. You may consider framing some of your photographs and giving your home a chic feel. Alternatively, you may invest in fine art paintings to decorate your home. Choose paintings that are appropriate for the area you are about to decorate. For example, it is better to decorate a bedroom with images that have a calming effect on your mind. However, you may choose a more exciting subject for your hallways, home offices and dining parlours.

Simple rearrangement of furniture

Simply reshuffle the furniture and see how refreshing everything looks. Remove the old arm chairs from the right hand side of the sofa and place them in front, just across the coffee table. Or, consider placing one each on either side of the sofa. Remove that bulky vanity unit to another part of the house and install floating shelves instead. This will not only make your room look trendier, but will also free up considerable space. In your bedroom, consider removing the vintage chaise lounge from the foot of the bed and place them close to the windows. Simple reshuffle like these will add life in any dull looking space in matter of minutes. You may seek help of of an expert interior designer to give your home a new look.

New cushion cover

This is perhaps the easiest thing to do of all tasks that we are discussing in out today’s article. Changing the cushion covers need less than 10 minutes’ time. Yet, it has such a glamorising effect on the ambience of the room. Choose bright and shiny fabric to pep up a monochromatic sofa. You may layer the cushions and use darker shades for those that remain in the background. Follow the same steps in your bedroom and dining room area. Don’t forget to change the old cushion covers in your outdoor living area.

Green plants

Green plants have immense capabilities of livening up the ambience. Homes with green plants happen to be healthier than those devoid of them. Certain plants like peace lily, various species of palm and ficus are great at reducing Volatile Organic Compounds from the interior atmosphere. You may buy or recycle your ceramic household items as planters. Place green plants in the corner of your living room, dining area and bedroom. Don’t forget to have moisture absorbing plants in kitchen and bathroom. Kitchen is a great place to start herb gardening as well.

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Mirror in bathroom

Invest some time to clean the bathroom mirror and the vanity unit in front of it. If the mirror has started developing signs of aging, don’t hesitate to replace it. Choose a nicely framed mirror that perfectly merges with the colour scheme of the bathroom and décor. Frameless ones look best in a contemporary setting. Install wall sconces by the side of the mirror or a bar lighting on top of it. This will make the task of grooming swift and easy.

Interesting colour scheme

Mahattan Hotel - Penthouse, Northmos Sdn Bhd Northmos Sdn Bhd Hotels
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Invest in upgrading the colours of the walls. A fresh coat of paint induces a new life in the interior atmosphere. You may choose to deck up the feature wall with a colour as well. Decorating the walls with wallpaper is another option for you to consider. If you are planning to use a dark colour scheme like the one in the image above, then ensure you have sufficient lighting to brighten up the room and make it look comfortable.

Effective use of small spaces

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Perhaps, there are plenty of nooks and corners in your home that are not being utilised properly. Identify those and plan a use for them. You may design a cosy seating area in one of these spaces. Install bookshelves or display cabinet is another option for you to select. This will increase the storage space in your house and will help you display your collections properly.

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Which of these budget friendly design ideas do you find most interesting?

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