5 Elements According to Feng Shui that Bring Misfortune in Your Home

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Feng shui has very strict guidelines for every corner of your home. If you have benefitted from using feng shui while decorating your home in the past, you would know that there are design elements that must be avoided following feng shui. If persisted, many of these elements can bring in misfortune and lack of harmony in your family. So make your choices carefully.

Mirrors in the bedroom and beyond

Feng shui has stringent directions about the use of mirrors in the interiors. In your bedrooms, avoid placing mirrors in front of the bed. In fact it is better to not have mirrors in the bedroom at all. Feng shui believes it causes sleep disturbances as it continues to reflect light and energy throughout the day. When you have mirrors on the closet doors, which is very common nowadays, try to cover them with curtains.

You must not also hang mirrors exactly opposite the main door as it may reflect positive energy back instead of circulating it inside your house. Mirrors placed in front of the internal doors of a living room should also be avoided. This may cause disharmony within your family and within the circle of your friends who come to visit you.

Thorny plants

Thorny plants are a strict no no inside the house. You can have them in the garden or greenhouse though. Thorny plants results in prickly behaviour and causes frequent frictions within the family. You must not have creeping plants inside your house or close to the exterior walls. Creeping plants make you overly dependent on others. Besides, they suck positive energy out of the interior atmosphere.

Images of disasters

Avoid having images of disasters inside the house, especially in your bedroom and living room. Images of war, shipwreck etc have a negative effect on the mind. They disturb the positive flow if natural energy in your living space. For the same reason, avoid having images of aggressive or dead animals in your living room, bedroom and kid’s room. They may cause sleep disturbances. Kids may get frightened seeing these images as well. You may create a separate gallery of these images outside your house you have a large collection of images of this nature.

The message of the image above, however, is inspirational. You may use artworks and motivational quotes like these to decorate your home office, living room and kid's room.

Black door

Black doors look very fashionable and a lot of homeowners love painting their front doors black. Feng shui does not prohibit the use of black door in a house. However, black and blue strengthen the water element. So they are best used on doors facing north. If the main door faces other directions than north then this may not be an ideal choice for you. You may consider discussing some of the other options with an interior designer. There are also those who are well aware about the intricacies of feng shui.

Water flowing away from the main doorway

Feng shui encourages having water bodies and fountains close to the main door of your house. But the flow of water should be towards the entry way of your house, instead of away from it. The latter will cause draining of money and energy. Paying heed to small things like these may help you design just the happy home you deserve for yourself and your family.

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