5 House Design Inspirations Just for You

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Falanchity House - Tropical House in Ukay Heights MJ Kanny Architect Tropical style houses
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A beautifully designed house is a big comfort for those who are occupying or are about to occupy its living space. It is also a treat for the eyes of those who come to visit your place or see your dwelling from the outside. A tastefully designed residential building reveals a lot about your personal preferences and lifestyle as well. Everybody wishes to design a house with a difference. You are almost spoilt for choices as well since there are so many design options for you to choose from. The following ones will provide you with necessary design inspirations for your home in Malaysia.

Contemporary bungalow with an amazing look

Contemporarily Dashing | BUNGALOW Design Spirits Modern style balcony, porch & terrace
Design Spirits

Contemporarily Dashing | BUNGALOW

Design Spirits

The contemporary bungalow on the image above is differentiated into several levels. Its façade also integrates slanting and straight lines as well as a combination of grey and white tones. It is generously proportioned and designed with more than one balcony. The courtyard on the front of the house with its charming green trees and manicured lawn accentuate its beauty. 

You can see the garage located under one of the wings of the buildings. A contemporary main door preceded by a small patio welcome guests in the home. You may consider having a talk with one of the experienced architects of Malaysia to have a house designed in contemporary style.

Modern house with a chic façade

Lot. 18 House Arkitek Axis Modern houses
Arkitek Axis

Lot. 18 House

Arkitek Axis

The façade of this modern residential home combines many different materials – wood, concrete, stone and metal. The texture of each of these materials contributes significantly in the tasteful façade design. You can also see a hearty mixture of various colours like dark brown, white, cream and charcoal grey in the exterior walls. This along the green turf around the building helps designing a very cheerful home for its occupants. You can also see the artsy wall décor close to the main entrance. Careful touches like these help you immensely in enhancing the beauty of the design.

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Traditional design meets modern

Traditional Malaysian house design is certainly not obsolete. In fact, you can build a singularly stylish home following the traditional design principles of the country. It also induces a tropical flavour in the ambience. The design of the house you can see on the picture is ideal for a city home as well as one which stands in the countryside. Use of natural wood gives it such a warm look. You can also see glimpses of a cheerful interior through the large glass panelled windows. The house is located on a sloping piece of land. This itself makes design somewhat challenging which the architects have overcome with élan.

Thriving in contrasting tones

Lot. 46 House Arkitek Axis
Arkitek Axis

Lot. 46 House

Arkitek Axis

The contrasting colours of the façade makes this house look stunning enough. It is designed with major and sub levels with projects on each side. The busy façade style is somewhat unusual in its own way. The house boasts of several well decorated terraces. A small front yard with palm trees beautifies the front façade of the building. Windows with tinted glasses help the occupants gain a view of the surrounding from almost every corner of the home. The steps decked up with green plants and concrete boundary walls look perfectly in sync with the surroundings.

Twinkling in night

Exterior front facade MJ Kanny Architect Modern houses
MJ Kanny Architect

Exterior front facade

MJ Kanny Architect

This two storeyed building is designed with metallic trellis, stone and concrete blocks. Vertical posts of the façade and the boundary walls are balanced with horizontal rows of stone slabs and bricks. A combination of creamy white, grey and brown colours decks up the front façade of the residential building. You can access the front door after a short walk across the patio.

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Which of these Malaysian house designs did you find most attractive?

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