8 Inspiring Small Kitchen Designs for Tiny Homes

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Small kitchens need not trouble you for long. Some ingenuous changes in the layout and smart use of modern décor principles can help you design a very functional space where you would enjoy cooking and serving delicious meals to your family members. The practical designs of small kitchens that we are going to show you shortly will leave you with many ideas. If needed, don’t hesitate to contact a professional kitchen planner to get this space sorted out.

Simplicity reigns

Retro Chic | CONDOMINIUM, Design Spirits Design Spirits Kitchen
Design Spirits


Design Spirits

The simple design of this galley style kitchen is one of its greatest assets. It helps the owners of the house keep the space clean and uncluttered. Tiled flooring and walls provide this space a clean look. It helps in preventing moisture related problems as well. Small works of art imbibe a stylish feel.

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Kitchen design with a difference

The stunning combination of exposed brick wall, partly wooden flooring partly tiled one and use of colours gives this small kitchen a rather special look. Its functional design has been accentuated with the clever use of materials. Grey built in cabinets are a modern favourite. Use of mirror is also noticeable.

Kitchen with a warm hue

Use of warm yellow tone gives this kitchen a rather genial appearance. Black has been used to contrast the yellow hue and emphasise on its charm. Lightweight furniture and built in cabinets help to maintain the uncluttered look of the interior. A variety of modern lighting fixtures and a large wall mirror accessorise the kitchen cum dining area.

Stylish kitchen design

Ultramodern Loft | CONDOMINIUM, Design Spirits Design Spirits Modern style kitchen
Design Spirits

Ultramodern Loft | CONDOMINIUM

Design Spirits

The interior of this kitchen boasts of a simple yet utterly stylish décor. Modern homeowners tend to prefer warm white for their kitchens. It gives the space a clean and cheerful look. Wall décor with patterned tiles add a dramatic effect. Spacious kitchen island increases the storage area and makes the design more functional.

Sparkling small kitchen

The light filled interior of this kitchen makes it just the space one wants to be in and work for inside for long. Ceiling mounted lighting fixtures are responsible for such sparkle in the space. Floating shelving systems and cabinets provide enough space to store all the necessary kitchen articles neatly.

L-shaped kitchen

L-shaped kitchen is particularly favourable for a small space. It makes your so easy. Besides you can easily maintain the triangular positioning of your refrigerator, oven and kitchen sink. This one looks all the more attractive due to the availability of natural light. It is tastefully designed with lots of potted plants as well.

Dark kitchen décor

Profusion of dark grey and brown in the colour scheme makes this small kitchen look nothing less than spectacular. Clever use of pocket doors maximise the available space. Shiny cabinet doors increase the glitter of the interior. Under cabinet lighting also contribute to the glamour of the kitchen design.

Cheerful kitchen interior

If you are planning to redesign your kitchen and give it a cheery appearance then you should take inspirations from the interior design of this small kitchen. Its part modern part industrial décor easily sets it apart from others. Laminated cabinets with their warm wood effect offset the edgy effect of industrial décor. Pale grey tone provides a stylish background. Focus lighting fixtures keep the space looking bright and cheerful even after sunset.

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Which of these small kitchen designs do you find most attractive?

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