10 Top Façade Colours for Every Modern Home

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Thinking of building a new home soon or planning to give your old house a new look? Then you should not miss out on our today’s post. Today, we are going to show you not only some of the trendiest designs for modern residential buildings but also colours that immediately attract everyone’s eyes.

Earthly brown

Brown is a favourite façade colour. It never seems to go out of trend. You may choose brown paint, stone veneer or wooden sidings to give the façade of your home a chic brown look. But don’t forget to vary between the shades. See how this house used an attractive combination of different materials to design its façade.

Grey and white

The combination of grey and white looks sleek on the façade of a modern building. The architect of this house utilised varying shades of grey and white to deck up the exterior walls. Glass windows with black frames accentuate its beauty further.

Grey and white with brown

This is another house which opted for the combination of grey and white. But as the visualisation reveals, a reddish brown shade has been incorporated in the mixture to a stunning effect. 

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Light and shade

The playfulness of light and shade makes the façade of this house look simply stunning. The colour palette is dominated by dark grey and white. The warmth the interior is palpable from the glowing light that beautifies the interior of the building as well as its exterior.

Multiple shades

The façade of this modern building is decked up in a variety of shades. Those belonging to the brown family, black, white and grey are most conspicuous among them. The upper part of the building showcases a predominantly dark tone than the lower one. Its clean look and carefully designed front yard makes it look all the more charming.

Modern building with interesting colours

By using different materials like exposed concrete, brick, stone and wood you can easily vary the colours of the exterior of your house. The owners of this house utilised an array of materials to decorate the exterior walls. Its dark accent makes it look even more eye-catching.

Charcoal grey façade

Charcoal grey façade happens to be another contemporary favourite. The neat look of this house is sufficient to explain the reason behind the popularity of this shade for the exterior of a dwelling. The green lawn takes away some of the edges from its dark look.

Dark façade colour

The slate black appearance of this family home gives it a very sleek and trendy appearance. Its green surrounding makes it look even more stunning. The monochromatic colour scheme has been enhanced by the clean and contemporary design of the house. Large glass windows also make their contributions in the transforming effect of the contemporary façade design.

Façade with red accents

We round off this post with one of the most ravishing colours for the exteriors of any building – red. The architect of this house nicely balanced the striking effect of red with a warm white tone. You make strategic use of red like on the façade of this building or invest in such materials as brick and terracotta tiles to increase the warm look of the façade of your house. Both of these materials can easily be used on modern buildings as well as the classical ones.

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Which of these facade colour schemes do you find most attractive?

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