7 Practical tips for the perfect garden

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You should not see your garden as a separate entity to your home. You should see it as an extension of your home. If anything, you should see it as rooms outside where these spaces create an extension of your indoor life. The building of a garden can take a while especially if you have to start from scratch. However, there are easy and practical tips that could help you along to create that perfect room outside. Her are only seven tips, but there are hundreds of ways to create spaces in the garden.

1. Natural Bamboo Screens

One of the perfect uses for bamboo screens, is that is it is a natural product, and can be an excellent privacy barrier. Even if you do have a hedge or a fence, it lends an extra bit of privacy, and can serve a purpose for your creepers, or climbers. If you do not have a private fencing, this is an ideal, and cost cutting way to create a fence. Bamboo screens are not just private, cost effective, as well as extremely durable and add to the aesthetic of the garden. Other uses include building boxes for garden refuse, and for creating natural compost.

2. Open Wall Elements with some Artistic Elements

Another way of creating privacy n your garden is to make use of trellises with artistic elements. It creates privacy in that the trellis could be a distraction, and again, one could plant creepers and climbers for it. One could create different depths with different greens. The openness of the trellis would create a semi-private situation, but could also be completely private. This is an asset to a garden when you want to create outside rooms.

3. A Garden Shed for All your Gardening Equipment

This is an opportunity to create the perfect room for the garden. Creating special places for each piece of equipment will give the sense of peace, and calm even though you cannot see it. You could buy a modular tool shed, and build it yourself, or you could have it designed according to your needs. Everything in this little room will have its own space, creating the order you need to enjoy your gardening.

4. An Open Room Garden Layout

Gardens can be open, but you can divide areas into specific areas. This could result in the special rooms you wish to create. A place set for meditation, or quietness, could have a water feature with some soft ambient music, and comfortable seating. You could separate areas with large pot plants. The pool could also be another separate room, which is a noisier area, but you could also turn it into a place of relaxation.

5. Sufficient Evergreen, and Indigenous Plants

Evergreen, and indigenous plants will ensure that your have a green garden even when there is a lack of rain or water. These plants – especially the indigenous plants – will remain health, throughout the year, as they are subjected to the environment. Creepers are a wonderful way to create vertical extensions without having to plant trees. Plant these plants in pots and place them next to you screens and your trellises to climb.

6. Good Irrigation Systems

The front garden and the back garden can only benefit with a great watering system. If you can afford it, install a drip system, as well as a spray system. The spray system will be valuable to clean off dust from the leaves, once a week. For the rest of the time the slow dripper system will prevent evaporation, and the roots of the plants will get enough water. You could also attach the system to a timer, which will continue to water your plant if you are away. Installing an irrigation system will help with making gardening easier, and you will have more time to relax.

7. ​Creative Gardening

The artistic trellises mentioned before is already and idea for being creative in your garden. Using different types and sizes of pots will add to the aesthetic of your garden. This will depend on how you arrange them. You should make use of the same principles of your inside rooms to place these pots. You could, for example, use the principles of Feng Shui to create your outside rooms. Repurposing is another way to add ambience to your garden. You could use many discarded materials to create a garden that has your stamp on it.

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