15 Surprising Small Room Design Ideas

Dola RC Dola RC
土間と本棚の家, 藤原・室 建築設計事務所 藤原・室 建築設計事務所 Nursery/kid’s room
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Small room décor at times can turn out to be a challenging task. But it would not be so if you find just the right inspiration to decorate your small living room, bedroom, dining area or home office. So today we have collected fifteen of the most surprising small room décors. You will have plenty of ideas to decorate the nooks and corners of your home from these images.

Fresh and bright

Majestic Contemporary | BUNGALOW , Design Spirits Design Spirits Minimalist bedroom
Design Spirits

Majestic Contemporary | BUNGALOW

Design Spirits

The refreshing décor of this small home office cum living room is bound to inspire you in many different ways. See the use of colours in this space. Perhaps you may conjure a similarly stunning colour scheme for your room? Check out how cleverly the designer used natural light to make the ambience even more cheerful.

Tiny bedroom décor

We know it is difficult to decorate a comfortable bedroom in a small space. But don’t worry. You now have all the necessary ingredients of a fantastic bedroom décor right in front of you. The low platform bed optimises the available space. The workstation is built in the corner of the room.

Scandinavian home office

Scandinavian Design . Condominium, inDfinity Design (M) SDN BHD inDfinity Design (M) SDN BHD Scandinavian style study/office
inDfinity Design (M) SDN BHD

Scandinavian Design . Condominium

inDfinity Design (M) SDN BHD

Scandinavian décor helps you design a minimalist living area. See how bright and beautiful this small home office looks. Lightweight furniture with a trendy design decorates its interior. Floating shelves maximise the storage area.

Small and trendy

Do you have a tiny living room? Then don’t bother yourself too much about that. Avoid placing bulky furniture here. Use a colour scheme that makes the room feel more expansive. Use mirrors on the walls to make it look more spacious.

Tiny hobby room

This is certainly one of the tiniest yet prettiest hobby rooms you will ever get to see. Imagine sitting in a space like this with a book in hand. See how the place has been made more comfortable with the help of natural wood flooring and cosy cushions.

Delicious dining

The simple colour scheme with a pronounced use of beige and white make this space looks so stunning. Stylish furniture has been set in the middle of the room. The layout makes the room look more expansive than it actually is.

Relax in style

Vintage Modern, J Hous Studio J Hous Studio Minimalist corridor, hallway & stairs Bricks White
J Hous Studio

Vintage Modern

J Hous Studio

This part of the building is covered by glass from three sides. It makes the room brighter and more comfortable despite its smallness of size. Lightweight chairs and a small coffee table have been utilised to decorate this tiny space for relaxation.

Charming dining area

Richmond - Guest Kitchen Roselind Wilson Design Kitchen
Roselind Wilson Design

Richmond—Guest Kitchen

Roselind Wilson Design

This charming small kitchen cum dining area boasts of an unusual style. Its tan colour scheme is something which makes the room look so warm. Upholstered chairs in lavender tone balance the colour scheme. Floor to ceiling cabinets take care of the storage related concern.

Stylish small living room

Extension & House Renovation SW18 - London, Diamond Constructions Ltd Diamond Constructions Ltd Living room
Diamond Constructions Ltd

Extension & House Renovation SW18—London

Diamond Constructions Ltd

Space crunch has become a huge problem for the homeowners living in the modern cities. However, architects and interior designers are trying their best to help you alleviate some of the problems of a small home. A simple design like the one you see on the image above holds the perfect solution for all your concern. This stylish living room has everything you need, but nothing in the excess.

Small kid’s room design

This kid’s room happens to be small and have an acute rectangular shape. One half of the room has been used to place the platform beds. The other half has been decorated with built in cabinets.

Wood clad kid’s room

This one is a fine example of small kid’s room. It is built entire of wood which is an excellent option for the little ones occupying the space. The room is decorated with loft beds and ample storage space. A spacious study has also been placed in the middle for the benefit of the little ones.

Living room with an industrial décor

Do you feel industrial design to be rather edgy? Then have a look at this small living room. It forms a part of an apartment with less than 600 square feet space. The bright red colour of the feature wall has been nicely balance with wood flooring and cool white shade on the other walls and ceiling.

Amazing ceiling design

The design of the ceiling will immediately draw the attention of the guests who would step into this small modern living room. Its grey interior is much in sync with contemporary design trends.

Working in style

Study homify Modern style study/office



True, this home office occupies only a tiny space of the entire house. But this one could well be one of the most charming spaces to be, especially for those who need to work from home for long. It has sufficient storage space and a comfortable chair to sit down and work in peace.

Stunning study room

We round off this post with the image of another stunning small study. It is decorated in a minimalist fashion. The dark tone of the furniture and wall mounted shelves juxtapose the spotless white colour of the interior. It receives natural light in abundance which is another one of its big advantages.

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