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6 types of home garages

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Of all the places in the home there are to design, one might not think of the garage as one with much stylistic potential. Garages can be grimy spaces where we store maintenance supplies, outdoor gear, bikes, and vehicles. They aren’t necessarily places most of us would like to linger, but we at homify believe they certainly could be! While it is common to design a home with a garage that fits nicely with the exterior, the same could actually be said for the interior. Just like any room in the home, the garage can be styled to fit with the rest of the home. Today we will be profiling garages that fall in line with common stylistic persuasions spanning from modern to country to give an idea of what we mean. Whether you use your garage simply for storage, or wish to extend it into a more commonly used recreational space, these ideas will help get you inspired.

classic garage

The first type of garage on our list is the ravishing classic style carport. The look is polished and luxurious, creating a much more appropriate transition into the rest of the home. Classic style garages will work wonderfully to house an antique car like this one. In particular, if you like to show off your specialty vehicle, the classic style garage will allow you to do so more aptly. You may even consider incorporating the garage aesthetically into the home. Here, for instance, we can see the way the wall adjoining the house to the garage is done in plexiglass and framed with lovely sheer curtains. This way the garage still maintains its functionality, but can also be displayed as décor. This is an excellent alternative to showing off your car in the driveway where it can be exposed to the elements.

industrial garage

Going with an industrial look in the garage is an apt way to add a hint of style without overthinking it. This is because the garage already is industrial, often done in bare cement with exposed light bulbs and metallic details. You may even wish to go with an exposed brick wall. Taking this look and applying it with intention can yield marvellous results. In this garage by 株式会社アーキネット京都1級建築士事務所, such is evident in the way the design team chose to make the cement more stylish by making work as a feature wall. Opting for plain metal bike ports adds some more industrial flair. This look is not overstated and the garage remains as functional as ever. Essentially, all you have to do to create an industrial style garage is consciously work with the existing aesthetic to create pattern and style within.

country garage

One way to make the garage cosier and more inviting is to go with a country style theme. The country garage is done with quaint structural details, wood, and stone finishes. They can often be likened to an old barn in style. If you’re wondering what this could look like in practice, take note of the example above. The floor is done in stone, while the garage itself is framed with rustic carved wooden archways. Adding a robust chandelier-like light fixture can help to make it feel a bit more like a living space. If you do choose to use it as such, consider placing a wood stove out here as well. If you live in a cold place, the country garage can make for a casual yet comfortable place for guests to gather during winter months.

minimal garage

Like any minimal look, less is more. The same certainly holds true for the garage, which can make it an attractive style to employ. If you’re someone who detest clutter and excess, the minimal garage could be great for you as an alternative to the kind of garage teeming with old items that have been collecting dust in this storage space for far too long. The minimal garage certainly does not have to be lacking in style, however. Simply add aesthetic appeal through the materials you use in the most necessary elements of the garage like the door, walls, ceiling and floor. Have fun playing around with different materials that perhaps even deviate from those commonly used in the carport. For example, this elegant garage is elevated from the rest because the floor is done in marble; the doors are made of warm wooden panels and the walls in limestone. Additionally, there is even a lovely stone feature wall at the far end of the garage to add extra aesthetic appeal.

modern garage

Another example of an expert incorporation of the garage into the interior of your home is in this modern example. The lines used to create its rectangular shape are sleek and strong. A boxy, no frills structure is a trademark element of the modern garage. This is so whether or not you choose to include the carport into the interior. Choose black, white, and grey for the colour scheme with metallic accents. The modern garage will beautifully showcase a prized, brightly coloured sports car like the one featured here, but its simplicity will help accentuate any kind of vehicle. If your car is a neutral colour you can also feel free to add some bold colour accents in the modern garage. Just be sure not to overdo it.

eclectic garage

If after reading the past 5 examples your mind is absolutely teeming with inspiration and you’re struggling to choose which style would work best for you, not to worry. It is entirely possible to mix and match styles to make an eclectic garage to match your preferences. Maybe you’d love the look of a rustic country style workbench for your woodcarving hobby, but the industrial style look also appeals to you due to its practicality. You are perfectly welcome to combine these two styles! In this garage, we can see elements to country style in the worktable, industrial in the cement, and minimal in the shelving unit. Feel free to play around with the look in your garage and to take risks. There is far less pressure to strive for a very defined look as there might be in more public and formal areas of the home.

For some ideas on how to use your garage or spare room, check out this idea book. Happy decorating! 

These are just a few unique ways you can style your garage. We'd love to know your favourite looks. You can tell us using the comments section, below!

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