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7 simple pooja rooms from Delhi homes

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The desire to have a beautifully decorated modern home has transformed the philosophy of interior decoration. Even the humble pooja room has got an elegant makeover. From what used to be predictable Mandir, either of marble or wood, to aesthetically done simple pooja space that just merges with the décor; the pooja room has become modern and graceful. Today we have brought 7 pure and brilliant pooja spaces from Delhi homes. Have a look and get inspired!

​1. Shining like the sun

There is some serenity in simplicity. A simple pooja space in common area of the home where simplicity and elegance is highlighted by aesthetically placed lights whose shine is doubled by the round shiny surface of the wall.

2. Purity of white

Pooja room should be designed to calm the mind and soothe our soul. The purity of white has that magical effect on our nerves. White statue against off white surrounding, beautiful hanging diyas and bell, religious symbol and mantra engraved on the wall; it’s simply mesmerizing.

​3. Merged with the décor

Illuminated wall with silhouettes of God, bells, auspicious symbols and wooden carved door in an elevated space is quite an innovative design for pooja space. The overall effect is serene and pious.

​4. The temple of wood

A simple wooden temple with beautiful carving on the back which filters the light before it hits the statue looks amazing. The drawers at the bottom can be used to keep the pooja essentials or can even be used to keep the home organized.

​5. In the niche of the wall

We don’t need an elaborate temple to follow our daily pooja rituals. And if the space is limited, we have to be creative to create a beautiful and pious pooja space in the niche of the wall. To make it look fascinating is not at all difficult. Just keep it simple and minimalist, it will elevate the beauty and aesthetic of the whole room.

​6. Stylishly devoted

If faith is there, even a simple bench can become a temple of devotion. There is nothing flashy here, a simple wooden bench making space for brass statues, incense stand, bells, diyas, and your faith. In such serene atmosphere you can sit for long talking with your inner self.

​7. Amidst the nature

Almost every Hindu home has tulsi plant in the courtyard or balcony. We pray the tulsi. Now think differently and build a temple right there near the tulsi plant. Be creative to make it beautiful so that you can relax amidst the nature while praying or meditating.

If you need some inspiration for pooja room, visit this ideabook: 10 beautiful pictures of pooja rooms from 2017

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