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11 Spectacular Ideas For Small Bedrooms

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Most of us desire a spacious bedroom with plenty of storage space. This is where you can lay down your head to rest. Sometimes a large, spacious bedroom is not possible, but it can still be stylish and comfortable. This is where the design of a small room becomes a challenge. Here are a few ideas for small bedrooms.

1. Raising the Bed

Spaces in a small home or apartment are often just too narrow to fit in a double bed. This should not be a difficulty because you could simply raise the bed to fit into a corner. Instead of having a wardrobe, you would use the space underneath the bed as a storage space. A little step that slides out from underneath the cabinets makes it easy to climb onto the bed.

2. Sleep at Night, Work by Day

A tiny room can be as spacious as you want it to be. It could also be a dual functioning space. The space could be a bedroom at night and a workspace by day. A fold away bed is an ideal solution to this type of bedroom.

3. Small but Practical

The ultimate space saver for a small bedroom is the fold away bed. It is an excellent and welcome treat for visitors too. They would not need to sleep on the couch, but have a special place to sleep in. In a very tiny room, it is the best solution for your own benefit as well.

4. Small can also be Comfortable

You could give a small bedroom the illusion of space with a wall treatment. You can achieve this by using wall paper or wall color that will enlarge the space. An example of creating more space, is to treat one wall with vertical stripes. You visually create a taller space for your narrow bedroom by using wall paper.

5. A Multi Functional Bedroom

You can utilize a small space in such a way that you have more space in your apartment or small home. Multifunctional spaces allow you to have two or more areas serving separate functions. An example is to turn your lounge area into a bedroom at night by unfolding a wall bed (this is the same as the fold away bed). Many couches these days can fold out into beds. This will allow you to use one space for more than one purpose.

6. The Hidden Bedroom

One can easily turn an open plan space into separate units of space. An excellent idea is to elevate the bedroom to ensure that it is indeed a separate space. Install a platform, enclose it with sliding doors, and create a space that is separate to the rest of the open area. When you close the doors, it becomes a private living space.

7. Bright and Cheery

Small does not mean that the room should be dull and dark. By adding color, to your space, and using it in a specific way, you can create a bright, cheery space regardless of its size. There are many innovative ways to create cheer and space in a small bedroom.

8. Elevated Beds

A small apartment does not have to prevent the excellent use of the spaces. An elevated bed is a great way to create your own bedroom area in a very small apartment. The platform could be large enough to create the illusion of a bedroom.

9. A Second Storey Bedroom

Another way of utilizing space for a bedroom area in a small home or apartment is to create the illusion of a second storey. It could work especially well for a child’s bedroom. The entire bottom section of the bed could serve as a closet, with a few steps up to the bed. This will allow enough space for the study area.

10. Bookshelf Beds

This is another way to utilize the fold away bed. Here one could incorporate bookshelves into the bed. As you raise the bed, the bottom section creates storage space for your books – thus, the bed becomes a bookcase. It will again create a multifunctional space by separating daily life from nightlife.

11. The Private Bedroom

A room that is cozy and comfortable is often difficult to create. A small space can provide both. A bed in a very narrow space would also create the singularity of use – no distractions, and no interference. This would be ideal for a young couple.

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