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Tiles are absolutely one of our most favourite items when it comes to home decor.  They can range in price anywhere from affordable to utterly unaffordable, the colours and pattern options are unlimited and every week it seems there is something new to try in both materials and style.  Tiles are also becoming increasingly popular for their ability to replicate other materials for a fraction of the cost (more on that later, though!)

It was most definitely hard for us to choose the most fashionable tiles and decorating options currently on the market, but we have done it! This ideabook features some of the best tile trends from innovative textures to patchwork patterns and ombré placement that mimics the ever-popular hair trend (except in your kitchen, this time!)

Why should you be interested in tiles? They're affordable, fabulous and can usually (depending on the size of the room) be installed in one weekend—what's not to love?!


If you have more eclectic tastes or simply can't decide on one design or type of tile to use, think about creating a patchwork design scheme where you can combine all of your favourites, like seen here! For creating a patchwork design that still looks organized, think about sticking with one particular colour scheme and then choose four to six different tiles within this colour scheme and use them in a random, repetitive manner.

This is exactly what this homeowner did—they chose from a series of four or five tiles and used them in random placement to highlight the back splash of the kitchen while still pulling from the rustic style of the wood features!

Industrial style

For more minimalist, Scandinavian or modern tastes, consider using industrial-style tiles, or like seen here, ceramic, subway-style tiles.  The key to giving your tiles an industrial look is to make sure the other elements of the room match this as well.

Of course, this example is a kitchen/dining room—yet the subway tiles, combined with the exposed shelving system, repurposed wood and metal table and great industrial-style lighting really give true meaning to what it means to be industrial.  We suggest for an industrial look that you stick with subway-style tiles, and if you'd like to mix it up a bit then consider subway tiles that are lightly glazed for more shine or include shimmer elements!

These homeowners decided to use miniature tiles to cover the kitchen counter tops—the tiles have a great sheen and give an industrial feel to this über-modern kitchen!

Resembling natural stone

Anyone that has ever decided to build their own home or redesign a bathroom or kitchen will tell you—natural and raw stones are pricey!  They're pricey because of the effort to extract them, the effort to decide on good-quality pieces and they're truly (most of the time) a high-quality product that typically requires minimum maintenance.

Now, with natural stones you do have to be strategic in what type you're going to purchase based on what room you're in—for example, natural stone that is okay in a bathroom might not be okay for the wear-and-tear associated with a kitchen.  You also have to educate yourself on the types of fruits and vegetables that are okay to cut (and excrete juices) on raw stone because acidity can cause a lot of erosion, as well as the wrong type of cleaning products.

Want to avoid all these problems? Choose beautiful tiles that can 100% replicate the look, and even texture of most natural and raw stones—for a fraction of the cost!

Different shapes

Get more creative with your tiles! The days of laying them in perfect horizontal and vertical rows and matching them perfectly are over!  Plenty of tile companies are making funky and fun tile patterns that you can either decide to use in a whole room, or like seen here as an accent feature that works with the larger, pre-existing tiles!

This bathroom is wonderful in that the tiles work well with the black and white colour scheme going on here—and the black and white triangular tiles provide an interesting focal point for the eye!  You could even use tiles such as these to create borders around artwork and mirrors, or for a design feature along the baseboards and upper-molding of rooms!

Innovative texture

The visual nature of tiles is of course why we are so attracted to them—they also don't typically harm the budget that much either.  However, we suggest that you consider tiles that have more unique aesthetic qualities that both you and guests will appreciate upon closer inspection.

Just as modern, texturiezed wall papers can add a special touch to almost any room, tiles with the right kind of texture can add something similar!  We chose this example because this stark and industrial-style kitchen has utilized white walls with white, texturiezed tiles to match for the back splash.  At a glance, you might not notice the tiles explicitly, however, take a second look and you will not necessarily notice the tiles, but you'll notice the texture. That's when you know it's great design!

50 shades of grey

As you already know, tiles come in all shapes, colours and sizes—that's the beauty of them.  A new, fashionable trend that we are really falling in love with is the use of multiple shades of the same colour to create a wonderful cascading effect.

We would like to particularly focus on the use of different shades of grey to show how this can add just enough colour to almost any space, without making it either too dark or too light.  If you have a very small kitchen or bathroom, try this technique to bring the illusion of depth and height.  As you place the darker tiles at the bottom (as seen here) and go lighter as you go towards the ceiling, this provides you with an optical illusion that makes your room look much higher!  On a scale of one to ten, this will probably be one of the most difficult to partake in yourself, depending on how you decide to lay the tiles. 

Very shiny

One of the best trends of 2016, hands down! Shiny glass and ceramic-glazed tiles are very hot right now! They can allow you to bring colour into almost any space, while also giving reflective qualities that will make your space seem larger. Just how large mirrors and windows make spaces look quite larger than what they might be, adding shiny tiles in lighter shades (like how this light grey is perfect!) is a perfect way to go as well!

Shiny tiles are especially perfect for spa and shower rooms—like in this example.  You can feel free to have a bit more fun in such private spaces of your home!

Resembling concrete

Tiles that resemble concrete are a great way to go because they offer the same exact look of concrete for a fraction of the price.  These ceramic, grey tiles that perfectly replicate the look of concrete are made by a wonderful building supplies company in Lisbon (you can find their information here!)

If you want the full look of concrete (which would be without the separation lines that tiles obviously have) then your only option would be to go with larger tiles that cover a greater square area.  But you should trust us, even with the lines showing, your guests will still assume it's concrete or another similar material!

Have you recently added great tile design to your home? Tell us how by commenting below!

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