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Spiral staircases have long been an iconic feature in the interiors—and exteriors—of homes. Though their origins are not clear, these staircases likely conjure images in the mind of royal palaces and other grand abodes. They are elegant and stylish while also providing additional practical value. In particular, the cylindrical structure of the spiral staircase typically occupies less floor space than conventional stairs do. 

Though it may not seem obvious at first, spiral staircases can also come in a variety of different styles. Installing a spiral staircase in your home will certainly add an unmistakable aesthetic flair to your look. If you’re wondering how to be creative with your spiral staircase, we’ve got your covered. Here are 7 spiral staircases we absolutely adore along with some tips for practical application.

The spiral staircase as a work of art

Adding a spiral staircase to your home will introduce tremendous aesthetic value to the space. Spiral staircases take many forms and some of them can truly be works of art in themselves. There are exquisite wrought iron staircases and funky futuristic varieties like the one featured in this home by Padi Costruzioni

Another common trend is to mix and match the materials used in the staircase. Perhaps the stairs are made of wood while the railing is done in glass or plastic and visa versa. Due to the unique cylindrical shape that the staircases take, there are lots of elements for designers and architects to play around with as they create these masterpieces. For instance, in addition to switching up the materials, they can manipulate the width and breadth of the staircase, making them more compact or elongated in shape.

Simple and practical

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Advanced Bronze Casements on Staircase

Architectural Bronze Ltd

Of course, your spiral staircase can also come in a more classic variety. This look will ensure simplicity and practicality as well as elegance in your home. Remember that spiral staircases are streamlined and clever in design because their shape typically takes up less floor space. 

We love this beautiful wooden spiral staircase accompanied by a bow window with a view of the outdoors. Don’t think that the simple spiral stair is limited to classic style interiors. They can take many different forms to accommodate even the sleekest and most modern of spaces.

They work well in small spaces.

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We cannot stress enough that one of the greatest practical benefits of the spiral staircase is that they are quite space efficient. It is a common dilemma to figure out how to decorate a smallinterior space. A spiral staircase is a wonderful way to add style to your small interior without cluttering it with unnecessary decorative elements. 

As we can see in this illustrative example, the spiral stair can be extremely compact in style whilst still being entirely functional. It adds a touch of architectural sophistication to this library while still helping it maintain its modern chicness. Clearly the spiral staircase is a pretty versatile invention. We’d also like to take this opportunity to discuss the ways that playing with materials and colours to match or contrast the existing interior design scheme can be a fun way to liven things up.

And they work in large spaces, too.

Just when you thought the spiral staircase had reached its limit on versatility, we have yet another way that your space could likely benefit from one. In direct contrast to the idea that the spiral stair only works well in small spaces due to its compact nature, we are here to tell you that it can also take a different but equally apt form to fit nicely into larger spaces as well. Though it is less common, the spiral staircase can be elongated to fit proportionate into a more spacious interior. 

Classic wood

Antique Mahogany Spiral Staircase Apollo Corridor, hallway & stairsStairs

Antique Mahogany Spiral Staircase


Now that we’ve discussed some of the possibilities regarding the possible shapes and sizes for your spiral staircase, it’s time to examine the materials. The first option is the wood staircase. Wood is a very versatile material that comes in many shades, patterns and finishes. You could opt for a richly toned wood such as the one pictured here to add a touch of luxury to the space. 

For something a bit simpler and more modern, a lighter oak colour can help to fit your budget. Plus, wood can add a warm, earthy touch to the space.

Sleek and metallic

Alternatively, the metallic staircase will add a streamlined, industrial finish to the space. It can be a striking addition to an interior that is predominantly earthy, or it could help to enhance an already industrial style interior. 

Due to the lines used in the bannister, this spiral staircase appears light and graceful against the backdrop of the translucent window. It fits nicely with the concrete floor and leather upholstered furniture. If you’re looking to add an exterior staircase, metal is most likely the way to go because it is more resistant against the elements.

Or even stone

House Shoeman interior C7 architects Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
C7 architects

House Shoeman interior

C7 architects

If you’re looking to try something entirely different and unique, you may like the idea of adding a stone staircase. A Mediterranean or contemporary interior, for example, would look lovely with the addition of a spiral staircase with marble steps and a metal bannister. 

While a marble stair is a more traditional version of the stone spiral staircase, it is not the only way to go. In this predominantly white and crème interior, the stone staircase acts as a solid central core within the living space. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of using concrete in your spiral stair. Micro-cement can actually have a very soft and delicate appearance. Plus, concrete is a cheap material for those looking to add a spiral staircase on a budget.

We hope this Ideabook has helped to add some inspiration to your search for the perfect spiral staircase. If you'd like to become a bit more informed on the possibilities for windows in your home check out the homify guide to windows

These are just a few of our favourite spiral staircase designs. We'd love to know yours. You can tell us your thoughts using the comments section, ...

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