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What is a false ceiling and how do I install it in my home?

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When it comes to finding ideas to make a simple home look more sophisticated, a false ceiling is one of the popular choices. While usually, the dry wall technique is used for creating an interior partition wall, it can also be extended to a suspended ceiling. There are several advantages to using a lowered ceiling for decorating a house. Besides making the area look cosier, they can also be used for installing attractive lighting systems. Additionally, a false ceiling is not expensive to install. With the help of a professional, it can be fixed quickly and with as little mess as possible to achieve an excellent result.

For those who are looking to renew the look of their home, we’ve put together some tips and ideas for using false ceilings, including the different types of materials used as well as the costs.

What is a false ceiling?

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A false ceiling is nothing but a dry wall that is suspended from the ceiling of the room. It comprises a set of two sheets with a cardboard cover and a plasterboard interior. Since the material is flexible, it can be used to create a variety of shapes by installing simple panels or even double layers as these boards come in a range of thicknesses. One can create thermal or acoustic insulation, by filling the plaster core of the dry wall with mineral.

Get inspired by these stunning false ceiling designs from Indian homes.

What are the advantages of installing a false ceiling?

Using a dry wall for the ceiling comes with several advantages. It enhances the sophistication of the room by improving artificial lighting and infusing modernity into the area. Additionally, it brings a cosy feel to the room. It’s also a great solution for hiding imperfections or wires and tubes to keep the house looking perfect. If installed well, a false ceiling is durable and cost-effective as it will last for years.

What are the different types of ceiling boards?

The types of false ceilings can vary depending on the material, the usage and the look. In general, the following are the most common false ceiling types used in Indian homes.

1. Gypsum false ceiling

These boards, which are made of hydrated sulphate of calcium, are extremely light, sound-proof, fire-resistant and thermally insulated. They come in square shapes that are suspended from an iron framework to form the false ceiling. They can be coated with paint, wall paper or laminates to add to the aesthetics.

2. Plaster of Paris (POP) false ceiling

This type of false ceiling is made of gypsum that is heated to a certain temperature. It’s the most commonly used material to hide ventilation ducts and wires to give a smooth finish to the ceiling. It’s also an excellent solution for insulation against the heat or the cold. Once installed, they have a long life and require no maintenance.

3. Fibre False Ceiling

These panels, which are made with a  combination of synthetic materials and minerals, are low cost and easy to install. False ceiling panels in fibre come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

What precautions should one take before installing a false ceiling?

While a false ceiling helps to enhance the elegance of any room in the house, it might not be suitable for every room. Follow these tips to ensure that the room can benefit from a suspended ceiling.

1. Before implementing false ceiling ideas, ensure that the height of the room should be at least 2.5 metres from the floor to the ceiling. Otherwise, once it is installed, which reduces the height by another 15 to 20 cm, the room will appear too claustrophobic and uncomfortable.

2. It is recommeded that the installation is done in a room that is completely empty as the workers will need to cover the floor and furniture with tarpaulin to protect them from dirt or scratches when they assemble the scaffolding and place ladders for completing the work.

3. It’s advisable to use skilled professionals to install the false ceiling. Before they start the work, get an estimate of the material and labour costs as well as the schedule so that you can avoid wastage of materials and plan when you can start using the room.

4. The false ceiling installation process, especially the use of plaster, can spread fine particles of dust throughout the home, which can pose a health risk for those with respiratory problems. Therefore, it’s vital that the dust is cleaned daily to prevent it from accumulating.

What is the process of installing a false ceiling?




It’s easy to install a suspended ceiling with a dry wall technique, especially in a small room. Those who like DIY projects can even consider fixing it themselves. The materials required include dry wall boards or panels, braces, regulators and profiles. The following steps can be followed:

1. The ceiling should be levelled to ensure a perfect finish.

2. Next, mark the location where the installation plates will be fixed, including the recess of the liner as well as the points at which rods will be fixed for suspending the panels.

3. Once this is done, attach the rods to the ceiling and cut them at the required height.

4. Place regulators on the rods, ensuring that they are accurately levelled.

5. After this, all that remains to be done is to fasten the boards into the profiles after cutting them to the required size and attaching them with screws, ensuring that the plates are secure and well supported.

Find more tips for installing a false ceiling.

What is the cost of installing a false ceiling?

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The cost of installing a drop or suspended ceiling will vary depending on the design and the material used. Plaster of Paris (POP) false ceiling is very reasonable, ranging from INR 60 to 95 per square feet for a basic design. It can go up to INR 125 for a more complex design. Branded boards or panels could cost more. The false ceiling material cost usually includes the materials and labour charges. Ensure that you use a reliable and skilled professional to get a result that lasts a lifetime.

What are the points to consider before installing lighting in the false ceiling?

One of the main advantages of false ceilings is that they allow a more modern lighting system with LED bulbs or bands to be installed within the panel. By fixing the lights in the right places on the ceiling panels, the ambient lighting in the room can improve considerably. One point to keep in mind while installing lighting on false ceiling panels is to avoid hanging fixtures, especially if the height of the ceiling is low as this could result in taller people banging into the lampshades. Additionally, it’s preferable to use fixtures that don’t weigh too much, as the panel material is light and cannot bear as much load as the main ceiling.

How can I find false ceiling ideas for my home?

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False Ceiling and Electrical work

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On homify, we have hundreds of photographs of houses and rooms to provide design inspiration. Whether its false ceiling design for bedrooms or living rooms, browsing through the portal will provide many ideas that can be used in Indian homes. These include simple designs as well as more complicated ones with irregular shapes and several layers.

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