A retro home with a modern touch – Apartamento Jatoba

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Designer de Interiores e Paisagista Iara Kílaris Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
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Mellow touches of homeliness and zany design elements – that’s the stuff that designer dreams are made of. And for this house, those dreams seem to have come true. Apartamento Jatoba has been rendered by the prolific design team at Designer De Interiores E Paisagista Iara Kilaris, from Brazil.

The designers have managed to make this home a visual heaven and treat for the senses, with a generous medley of the modern and the retro, and a liberal sprinkling of the elegant as well! Touches straight out of the make believe world of Disney, as well as curves and contours that reflect retro chic qualities come together with soothing hues and pops of colours for maximum effect!

A Scene to Reckon With – The Living Room

The living room truly is the scene stealer. It greets you with a subdued structure of oak panels that dominates the white room. This structure doubles as a sleek fireplace too. The lights recessed in the contoured ceiling above, casts a glow over the glass coffee table and the light-hued surroundings, as well as the touches of greenery that pop up here and there for some natural relief.

An Elegant Invitation – The Entryway

The entryway of the abode is an elegant statement of textured walls, an exotic potted plant, glazed glass and mirror. The piece de resistance here is the wall mounted art installation – a monochrome affair that adds a much needed dose of zing to the area. White light lends pristine goodness to the space.

Dining Like a King – Or a Queen!

The dining area is replete with elements of luxe appeal. The quirkily shaped and multilayered mirrors on the wall infuse the space with elegance and fashion. Lights from the ceiling characterise this area along with the classic dining table with smart beige chairs. A mirror and glossy white service counter at the far end, complete the look of the room with sliding doors on the left.

Eye Candy: The Kitchen

The primarily white kitchen can be aptly described as eye candy thanks to its vibrant cherry wallpaper, red highchairs and flaming orange saucepans. The retro look here comes from the stylishly shaped breakfast nook, while the organisation of the kitchen and its appliances bring in a futuristic and playful vibe. A small wall mounted television provides entertainment in the evenings, and the gleaming modish pendant lamp adds pizzazz to the kitchen.

Luxurious Appeal in the Bedroom

While this home is filled with pops of retro shapes and colours, we have taken quite a shine to the cherry red that follows us into the bedroom. The cherry red cushions set the tone for some fun in this beige and white bedroom.

The overhead lamp and the pedestal lamp swing right into the scheme of all things designer. The luxurious appeal is magnified, thanks to the full length mirrors lining the closet doors.

For the Love of All Things Red

The glamourous balcony gets a bright touch with the jazzy red planters – giant sized affairs housing fresh plants. The succulents on the pebbled path on the floor have followed suit by sprouting tiny red blossoms to match the red appeal of the various corners of this home. Soft lighting floods the area with a pretty glow and provides illumination for you to enjoy with a cup of tea or a glass of wine – preferably red!

The designers of this residence have made a statement by marrying two very unlikely design elements – the retro and the metro. The saving factor in this marriage is the elegance that underlines every corner of the home, even as the quirkiness is retained. The bedrooms are dreamy and the seating areas and kitchen are all about some retro kitsch. All in all, a classic yet playful look has been achieved with creativity as the high point! For more inspiration, you can also go through this ideabook – A Beautiful Abode under the Brazilian Sun.

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