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This Home Contains an Easier Life

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Pushing the envelope of alternative living is this exciting project direct from South Korea. Container home specialists at Uni-Box have continued their pursuit of building the perfect home with their newest model hot off the factory floor. The firm have invited us to take a tour of it from top to bottom!

Formed from two containers, this new home defies its small floor space to be a bright and spacious residence that most would love to live in. Thanks to its smart interior design, which includes amazing energy saving mechanisms, this container home could be the way of the future.

So, without further introduction necessary, continue reading to see why this project has caught our attention!

Alternative living

On the factory floor the two shipping containers have been altered significantly to convert them into something that would be liveable for one or two people. An essential alteration was the creation of openings that would allow for entrance points and windows to be made. Even though much was altered, the structural integrity of the containers remain intact. 

To be used for relaxing, barbecues or even special events, is a deck that's been installed beside the main living space. There's even a smaller timber deck around the corner adjacent to the main bedroom of the home. 

Rustic exterior

From this distance most could be fooled into thinking that this home is just like any other found in the area. There are slight indications that this home was formed using old shipping containers but most would pass by without looking twice. 

Since the home is located in an arid climate it was critical for the garden landscaping to be designed with this in mind. A scattered stone pathway leads towards the entrance of the home, while surrounding garden beds have been planted sparingly with native plants. 

What's in the box?

The internal setting has been designed like most modern builds in the sense that the floor plan is open and multifunctional. Sharing one space is the combined kitchen, living and dining space that in time will be fitted with the future owner's furniture and personal items. 

In the kitchen, the style of cabinets are modern and provide an abundance of storage for all the necessary kitchenware. The stonework surfaces merge effortlessly with the room's overall scheme, while also providing plenty of practical space to work with.

Plenty of space

When facing the opposite direction we can gain a greater feel to the layout of the home. As seen in the previous image, the kitchen is located at the right-hand side and also features other necessary household appliances. Leading on from the communal is the outside decking, which can be easily accessed via the glass doors. 

The majority of all the fittings and major works were completed on the floor of the factory, with everything being completed extremely quickly. As well as their speedy completion, the other great thing about prefab interiors is that they can be fully customised to the purchaser's taste.

Working the angles

Even within the small dimensions of the bathroom there are more than enough features to see anybody through their morning routine. Keeping the space simple and free of clutter was the key to the design of the bathroom, with floating and transparent elements having been installed.

The glass shower barrier was the key item in the bathroom since the transparent surface creates the illusion that it is one uninterrupted space. 

Blank canvas

Though the bedroom is awaiting decoration by the new owners, we can imagine what it could be like to sleep here and even how we would decorate it ourselves. We can picture a large bed fitting comfortably within the space, as well as smart and practical furnishings to pair with it. Once decorated, it would look like most bedrooms we see in any other conventional home. 

Overall, few could boast a home as beautiful or as well-designed as this but thanks to the clever minds at Uni-Box, more can have this opportunity. 

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