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How to clean laminate floors

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We’ve all been there… rightfully enjoying newly laid floors in the living room (or anywhere in the home) when the unexpected happens, like the dog tracking mud everywhere or a child spilling juice. The horror! And yet this is a regular occurrence in a typical household.

But of course flooring professionals know full well that spills and splatters are a part of everyday life, meaning that when it comes to a beautiful laminated floor experiencing a mess, all is not lost (even though it might feel that way). And just like carpets, rugs, wooden floors and tiles, your laminate floors also need to be regularly cleaned and maintained to keep them looking stunning. 

But don’t bother doing the research on how to clean laminate floors – that’s what homify is for!

1. The right tools for cleaning laminate floors

Never set off to war without the proper tools, and the same goes for cleaning your laminate flooring. First up is a vacuum for hard surfaces, as well as a good microfiber laminate mop.

Vacuuming or sweeping your laminate floor on a regular basis is crucial to eliminate the kind of grit that gets tracked in from outside. In addition, you could also request that people take off their shoes when entering your home – your house, your rules! 

Vacuuming instead of sweeping will also help with tracking allergens in the vacuum bag. 

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2. DIY cleaning solutions for laminate floors

A lot of people prefer an old-fashioned mix of vinegar and water to branded cleaning products when it comes to putting the shine back into laminate floors. The fact that this is more environmentally friendly also means this option gets our stamp of approval.

If you’d like to give this a go, simply mix equal parts of hot water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray your laminate floor surfaces with said mix, then mop it up with your microfiber – easy peasy! 

And don’t worry if the thought of a vinegar smell gets your tummy turning, as it will dissipate quite quickly. Keep in mind that you can always add a few drops of your favourite essential oil (such as lemon) to that DIY mixture. Just don’t overdo it, as the more you add, the less of a shine your laminate floors will enjoy. 

3. Laminate floors and spills

Did your laminate floor suffer a spill? Don’t sit on it – with a cloth or sponge, clean it up immediately! Any liquid spills, even water, sitting on your laminate floor for prolonged periods will increase the odds of staining or damaging the protective wear layer. 

All excess liquids can be soaked up with a dry cloth. And before spot-cleaning the location of the spill, dampen the cloth or sponge to remove any remaining residue. 

4. Cautions and warnings for your laminate floors

Keep the following in mind to keep your laminate floors looking brand-new for longer:

• Never soak your microfiber mop in water and never leave puddles when cleaning. The less water used, the better. Water can easily soak into those surfaces and cause peeling and separation. 

• Stay far away from bleach. As wood laminate is porous, the bleach will soak into it, causing numerous problems. In addition, bleach can also eliminate that shiny finish you’re after plus stain and change your laminate floor’s colour. 

• Say “no” to any product offering a protected shine. In addition to cleaning your floor, these products also fill in scratches and scuffs by adding a film or filler. And while this may work, your floor’s shine is often dulled as a result. 

5. Conclusion

To recap, enjoying beautiful laminate floors in your home is most certainly possible, as long as you do your part to avoid a few mishaps. 

• Regularly sweep or vacuum those floors to avoid scratching from ambient grit, and also mop with a good-quality microfiber mop. 

• Save money (and the environment) by making your own cleaning solution.

• Stay away from cleaning tools and products that might scratch your floor.

• Never soak your laminate floors with too much water. No puddles, no problem!

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