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6 ways to wow your guests with an impressive entrance

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We’ve all heard adages and proverbs about making a good first impression. Oftentimes it’s the way we present ourselves upon first meeting the hiring staff at a job interview that gets us in the door. There are plenty of examples where the way we introduce ourselves makes a significant impact. The same could be said for our homes. 

The way you decorate and design our homes is, after all, a reflection of your tastes and values. When your in-laws are in town for a visit or you have your boss over for dinner, dazzle them right from the start by creating a polished entryway that reflects your best intentions. With a few changes, you can enhance the look of your entryway without even having to think twice about it. This guide includes 6 different tips and tricks for elevating the look of your entrance.

Always keep things clean and tidy

The first idea on our list won’t cost you a penny. Remembering to regularly tidy up your front entrance will make an enormous difference in its presentation no matter the condition the front door and decorations are in. To do this, sweep the front steps every few days or so to remove leaves and other debris. Clear out any cobwebs that accumulate in the corners. Regularly water and prune any plants will help them to better enhance the overall look of the entryway rather than take away from it. 

If you have statues or an iron fence rail, clean these in ways that are appropriate for the material. An iron fence, for instance, might require you to sand away any light rust that forms and apply a rust-resistant primer. If you follow these steps routinely, your front entrance is bound to look as exemplary is this one by Interior Desires.

Use potted plants as décor

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One of the best means of adding a bit of decorative charm to your entryway is by adding some plants. This is because plants can withstand rain and moisture better than most other types of decoration. In fact, you might even say they thrive in outdoor conditions. Of course, if the climate gets cold where you live, it may be best to bring the plants inside during the winter months. Using potted plants will make this step easier. Plus, you can add even more style to the look of your front entrance by choosing to accessorise with a planter whose colour and pattern go nicely with your home’s exterior. 

This home is done in a rather plain muted blue, but the entire space feels more dynamic and vivacious with the help of these lush plants and shrubs. The green shades go beautifully with the colour of the façade.

Beautiful nameplate at the entryway

If you’d like to give your front entrance a sophisticated and cultivated appeal, invest in a lovely nameplate for the front door. You can also mount the nameplate on the wall next to the door as we can see in this example. The nameplate will give the home an air of pride and distinction, which are things just about anyone can admire. 

Nameplates come in a variety of different sizes and colours so there is sure to be something that will match the look of your home. Just remember to follow the same rusting precautions mentioned above with regard to iron fencing. If the nameplate is done in wood, it’s also important that it is treated to prevent rot.

Tie the look together with the right door mat

A doormat can do wonders in accentuating the look of your entryway. Including a doormat made of the right materials, for example, can help to create the right atmosphere and set the tone for the rest of the home. A bamboo doormat or one made from sea reeds will give the house an earthier feel. 

We love the look of this multi-coloured doormat because it helps to better balance the look of this beautiful yet striking salmon coloured door. The addition of a welcome mat shows that you decorate each aspect of your home with thoughtfulness and care. You can also swap out doormats with the seasons. Just remember to opt for a mat made of durable materials.

Incorporate some (subtle) art or sculpture

While you may consider art to be an indoor thing or at least something reserved for the garden when it does appear outdoors, we encourage you to consider adding a bit of artistic detail to your entryway. You can go a subtler route with translucent etchings like the ones we can see on the glass pane at this entryway. Stained glass also works because it comes in many different styles and forms. Sculpture that can be adhered to the home’s façade or placed on a pedestal in front of the door works well, too. 

You can even use art and sculpture to enhance certain features of your home’s structure. If your home is classic in style, including some lion statues will give it a regal appearance. A modern or contemporary home would do well with some more avant garde artwork at the entrance.

A final touch: antique door handles

Pair of Lever Door Handles in Antique Brass UKAA | UK Architectural Antiques HouseholdAccessories & decoration
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Pair of Lever Door Handles in Antique Brass

UKAA | UK Architectural Antiques

As a final touch, we recommend taking a look at your door handles. Door handles are accessories to which most of us might not pay much thought. Still, they can help give the home an added sense of dignity and allure. Antique and vintage styles are very trendy right now, and playing up these features in your home can start right at the front door. 

Finding an antique door handle is not difficult. Try heading to an antique shop or flea market to take a look around for inspiration. Online there are countless options to choose from as well. The best part is that you really have nothing to lose as you experiment with different door handles because you can always change them back.

If you found this Ideabook helpful, check out these 6 essential tips for beautifying your home's exterior. Happy decorating! 

How would you spruce up the entrance to your home. You can tell us your thoughts using the comments section, below!
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