7 Beautiful living room ideas worth considering

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Whether you have a big living room or a small one, decorating it with utmost care is essential. It is because a living room or space is usually the meeting point for the entire family as well as visitors. However, a lot of people resort to hiring professional interior designers, when it comes to creating the perfect look for their living space. If you too do not want to end up wasting time conducting research, then here is an ideabook that you must read. It will take you through seven beautiful living room ideas, that are worth considering.

1. Vertical space decoration

While thinking of decorating a room we usually focus on the floor and furniture that needs to be added. However, there is one more way of tackling the situation. You can try decorating the vertical space of your living room in order to make it look beautiful. Here the designer has opted for a decorative unit that showcases an interesting pattern. It has been used for displaying small plants as well as acts as a TV cabinet.

2. Adding a pop of color

Whenever one is planning to use neutral tones of color for decorating the living room, it is important to add a contrasting effect. This can simply be done by using one or more elements of brighter colors. In this case, the yellow armchair provides a beautiful contrast to the otherwise neutral living space. Apart from this, the use of natural plants also gives it a great vibe.

3. Geometric designs

If you want to create a living space which is out of ordinary then try incorporating geometric designs in the decor. Here the floor rug well as the wallpaper, display a unique pattern to make the room stand out. On the other hand, even the center table has an unusual shape which adds to the overall beauty of this living space.

4. Darker color pallet

Living rooms can also look beautiful when you utilize darker color palettes. For example, the interior decorator of this home has utilized shades like grey and black to make space look warm and cozy. Since this room receives an adequate amount of natural light, the darker color palette proves to be a good choice. However, the size of the room also plays an important role in this scenario.

5. Minimalist design approach

One can even design their living space using a minimalistic style approach. For this, all you need to do is incorporate as fewer fixtures and furniture pieces as possible. Like in this picture, you can see that the designer has only included three sofas along with two side tables. The entire central space is kept vacant. Also, the living room decor is pulled together with the help of a floor rug.

6. Outdoor living area

In case you have an outdoor space then you can even turn it into a living area. This will give you a chance to be surrounded by natural elements like seen in this picture. However, the furniture that you choose for outdoor living spaces should be made of jute, so that, it can withstand water and sunlight.

7. Small living space

Lastly, if you have a small space that needs to be turned into a living area, then you can take inspiration from this design as well. Here the designer has opted for two single chairs with colorful cushions. Moreover, he has also created a memory wall by including the pictures of the family living in the house.

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