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Today, we are taking a tour to Brazil, where we will visit a majestic residence designed by the office Espacio Cypriana Pinheiro. As we will soon see, this house boasts elegance, luxury, and the finest taste though the use of predominate white and marble details. This home has a strong contemporary style, yet there are some unmistakable and essential subtle classic touches.

The house was designed by a couple of entrepreneurs who dedicate a great deal of time to their work, and it shows in their dynamic, functional, and welcoming home design. The project you are about to see takes up a total area of 450 square metres and includes six bedrooms, a dining room, a TV room and bar, a laundry area, a main living area, a back patio with terrace, and even a swimming pool and jacuzzi. Let's take a look…

From the exterior

Already at first glance, it is clear that these architects did not settle for second best. The facade of the house exudes pure luxury and is based on a sophisticated combination of different geometric shapes, different heights and projections, and recesses. 

Large windows are surrounded by white plaster, and polished marble and dark wood around the front door create an inviting and extravagant entrance. The modern style and indecipherable shapes are the result of strategically placed lights that show the precise details of the home. The combination of the elegant white marble makes the details in wood protrude further. 

It is undoubtedly a project where luxury resides in every detail, from the marble blocks in the garden to the tiniest details in the landscaping. The overall picture looks very modern and leaves a glamorous impression.

The main living area

In this house, we expect a generous, open-plan interior, and that is exactly what was given to us. The living room is particularly impressive with its double height space, and offers exciting visual references on the stairs to the top floor. The decor is modern, but is classically luxurious rather than purist in style. Neutral colours form beautiful contrasts to each other, and high-quality fabrics, materials, and selected accessories complement these comfortable furnishings.

The sofa with huge decorative pillows creates an inviting atmosphere in an opulent environment. The combination of the sofa and the area rug create an ideal balance in colour, as all hues of off-white, gold, and beige complement the wooden accents of the space.

From above

Traveling upstairs, we find ourselves in a unique area of the home. The interior designers positioned a small sofa, two armchairs, and a table right next to the beautiful ascending staircase. The staircase itself is painted all white except for the guardrails, which are made from aluminium rods and offer an interesting view thanks to the translucent glass. 

The stairs transform from an ordinary staircase into an enormous and elegant sculpture. The pieces of furniture in this area are there to offer a kind of anteroom to the main chambers, which can be necessary when a party is on the agenda. This space becomes a great and quaint congregational area, as it is small enough to keep things intimate, promoting either brief or deep conversation. What's more, this area grants anyone a superb view of the house from above.

The dining area

Coming back downstairs, we find ourselves in the dining room. The living room flows seamlessly into the dining area, at the center of which hangs an impressive chandelier. The dining room includes an elegant table in sleek black surrounded by all black upholstered chairs, except for the chair at the head of the table, which is a reddish-brown. This texture contrast offers a more interesting element to the space.

The accents and accessories in this area are simple and add extra details of luxury. The gold wallpapered accent wall to the left gives us a break from the all white interior and adds a regal feel. To complement this, we have a warped gold bowl center piece, giving just enough flair to the dining room for that overwhelming sense of grandeur.

A modern kitchen

Next, we have the kitchen. The kitchen offers us a somewhat different picture than we have seen in the rest of the home. This area was given a modern design with its clean lines and non-elaborate features, making the most of its space with elegant storage units and kitchen island. 

The kitchen island functions as a storage space, seating and prep station, and provides additional counter space for cooking those extra large meals for your guests. The stove top has been integrated into this kitchen island, saving on floor space where the stove might otherwise be. The white kitchen island top harmonizes perfectly with the warm tone of the wooden breakfast counter that sits adjacent to it.

Splendid bathroom

What would such a luxurious home be without a proper bathroom? Of course, this space radiates glamour in all of its pure form and holds a lot of comfort and opulence for the residents. Residents and guests have a choice between a refreshing shower with different settings or a relaxing bath in the jacuzzi tub, which is surrounded by noble materials and a sophisticated lighting concepts. 

The elegance of this bathroom in no way means it compromises on functionality. The double vanity and cabinets above and below the his-and-her sinks provide plenty of practical storage space, and the sinks themselves ensure that each person has their own basin for getting ready in the morning, saving the inhabitants loads of daily prep time. The delicate lamps and mirrors enclose this perfect picture with a dramatic touch.

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