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With space becoming an ever more difficult commodity to come by, it is a legitimate necessity for designers and architects to get creative with the way they choose to distribute space in the buildings they create. Those who can be successful at making the most of small spaces are sure to be celebrated for years to come. 

Today we will be touring a home of just 97.5m2 by the phenomenal designers at Wakayama ARC. Thanks to the economical design, this home in Japan is quite affordable for a young family. Despite the use of cheaper materials in building the home, it is chic and sophisticated inside and out. Instead of skimping on quality, the design team borrowed materials commonly used in industrial design to create a durable and functional space for the family.  We hope you’ll come along as we tour this unique and stylish home.

Industrial style exterior

Right from the start it is apparent that the home is quite industrial in style. The use of black metal sheeting in the exterior is not only economical; it is also unapologetically chic. 

The box-like structure of the home is also quite trendy. We love the way the corner window is given a 3-dimensional quality by being situated beyond the main structure of the home.

Golden glow and a balcony to boot

In the evenings, this rather cold exterior radiates golden hued light from within. The light itself distinctively widens the black and white colour palette of the main structure. This was certainly a thoughtful move on the part of the design team. 

From this angle we can also see that there is a balcony and small porch stemming off the side of the home.

Creative highlights

Much of the interior is white with simple wooden and concrete accents. That does not mean, however, that the design team dodged the possibility for some aesthetic creativity. These steps are ultra-modern and white at the bottom, but suddenly acquire some wooden detailing as they ascend. How interesting!

Bright, functional living space

Thanks to the large windows and doors that open out to the terrace, the interior receives ample natural light. The living space is simple and neat. 

Of course, the main feature here is the sleek and modern kitchen in the foreground. The chrome appliances are a reminder of the home’s industrial style. Plus, there is plenty of space for youngsters to play in this open plan living area.

Creative use of OSB

The hallway leading to the bedrooms is done in the increasingly popular orientated strand board material. OSB is cheap and durable, plus each application is one-of-a-kind by nature. In this context, we must also point out that the OSB feels quite warm and inviting here. Behind these doors is the master bedroom and bathroom.

To see another home that used OSB as a decorative element, check out this Korean home with glowing, rustic finishes

What do you think about this striking home? You can let us know using the comments section, below!

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