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Blogging about interiors—an easy how-to guide

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The Internet is beaming with blogs, vlogs, personal websites and online publications. In a world dominated by social media and social circles based on aesthetics and personal interests, it can be hard to know how to situate yourself in a successful position.  Although your geographic location plays a big part in the reception of your personal website or blog, there are other factors that you can control in order to gain more readership and popularity, without sacrificing what it is you wish to do.

A popular industry for designers and bloggers alike is to curate interiors and feature these designs as inspiration for fellow designers and homeowners. Almost any design blog you view will have a feature on a fabulous interior, or excerpts from their own home filled with objects and colours that they love. Think this is expensive and that you need lots of connections? We're here to tell you that's not necessarily true. If you make the right connections and tap into your own local design market, you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. How do you successfully start? Well, as always, it starts with an inspirational and productive workspace and some creative thinking!

Build a great work space

No matter what your work is, if you're working from home you will need a clean, organized and successful work space.  This is especially important for any type of freelancers, bloggers or vloggers. Your home doesn't have to be equipped with a large, city-view workspace for you to be successful—but either way, you should have a designated area for working, curating, writing and blogging.

Purchase a table and a comfortable chair, and situate these items near a window or an area of your home that gathers a good amount of natural light to keep you wide awake and inspired for a good part of the day. This area should include access to power outlets, fresh drinking water and any tools and items you might need to get on with your work—pens, pencils, chargers, music and organizational file folders. 

Get easily distracted by window views? Check out this great workspace and see how any type of natural light can work in your favor.

Collect inspirational items

Ceramic Cactus Vases rigby & mac HouseholdAccessories & decoration
rigby & mac

Ceramic Cactus Vases

rigby & mac

We all have those small and wonderful items in our life that we've accumulated over the years, whether it be from long-time friends, family members or that one great weekend at a flea market.  These little items make us ponder and think of wonderful times—providing both a mental break from work and inspirational wonders. 

We suggest that you include these special items in your workspace and curate them strategically. If you have a separate office space or if you're using a corner nook as a workspace, organizing these little items will show that you pay attention to the details of your space and take your position seriously.  Don't have a lot of room for extra clutter? Why not simply include fresh flower arrangements from the local market as a reminder that you should take a walk and literally take time to smell the roses!

Using local designers

Oakland Multi Drawer Sideboard The Cotswold Company Living room Wood
The Cotswold Company

Oakland Multi Drawer Sideboard

The Cotswold Company

If you want to start a blog/vlog or do consulting and decorative curating, you will need to tap into your local market before running big-time in a larger city.  Most creatives will have big waves of ideas flash through their head—imagine starting a blog that becomes world renowned, or getting the chance to decorate their favourite celebrities home!  While these are all great goals, we suggest you keep things realistic and local before moving to larger locations where markets have already been well-established before your arrival.

Use this as an opportunity to get to know your city. Take a long walk around and for once, enjoy getting lost in the grid of your city.  Find quaint shops and unique, young artists and designers—strike up conversations and show interest in their work. You would be surprised at how often these designers are receptive and appreciative to be included on a website.  Ask local designers and artists to loan objects and products to you to feature in your own home for a fun curating session!

In-home studio

Whether you're blogging or vlogging, eventually you will want to consider a space where you can comfortably and professionally take pictures and videos for your website.

A room such as this should include both great artificial and natural light, plenty of horizontal space for laying out products and storage space for props, such as flashes, background clothes and reflectors.  We suggest that you choose the area of your home that receives the largest amount of natural light and organize your tables and objects for photography based on the area with the least amount of shadows. Nothing can ruin a great photography session like shadows!

Curating rooms

Trust us, curating a home can be one of the most fun/stressful endeavors in the interior design world.  Whether you're curating your own home after a recent renovation or have been hired to curate a home for an editorial spread, curating is all about strategy, eye movement and trusting your senses.

Check out the living room pictured here and try to notice every detail, from the tiled floor that plays with the wooden structures of the room, or glass-top coffee table that perfectly reflects the bold hue of blue used for the walls. The grey accent chair plays with the grey sides of the coffee table and the smaller work of art reserved for such a large wall allows the wall colour to speak in volumes. 

When curating, you should start with a great foundation—this should include great flooring or rugs, a good wall colour and fabulous, large furnishings. The key to curating is everything else—a sensual colour scheme, mix-matched textures and unique, one-of-a-kind items that will leave everyone inspired. 

Check out this perfectly-curated Parisian living room for an idea of the sensual experience we're referring to!

Design consistency

Lastly, both on your blog/vlog and in your home and curation projects, keep consistency. Below we will list ways in which you can properly keep consistency in both:

Keep the basic elements neutral

Make sure you're always keeping a keen eye for detail

Make a real effort to connect with local designers!

Develop your own personal signature touch, and make it a running theme throughout your creative endeavours.

Help your designing and professional life move along by educating yourself deeply on the industry you're working with.  Check out this ideabook for an educational look at the history of world materials!

What has kept your interiors blog/vlog successful while working from home? Give us some tips and tricks by commenting below!
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