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The top six garden trends of 2016!

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Freshly Prepped: Chelsea Flower Show 2009 Aralia Commercial Spaces Wood Green
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Gardening is a love for a lot of homeowners. It can be something of pure beauty and aesthetics, for creating fresh herbs and vegetables for your family, or even as a relaxing and meditative experience allowing you to leave life's troubles behind.

Every year new gardening trends emerge and it's nice to keep up with such trends as new inspirations for your own, personal garden. Whether you decide to create that fantasy garden that you've longed for, for years—or you construct a building project to finally connect the exterior and interior of your home for happier, fuller living—the garden trends of 2016 are promising, fun and will create a livelier atmosphere in your home!

Below we have organized a list of the six top gardening trends of 2016—check them out and feel inspired! To see just how influential and creative gardening can be, check out this beautiful, modern home with a secret garden hiding around back!

Inside and out come together

One of the most beneficial design concepts for anyone that has a great outdoor space is to think of ways to combine the interior and exterior of your home for a more fluid and open-concept living area. 

This could mean everything from installing larger, more open double-doors, or a full on construction project which would be an investment in the value of your home when and if you would ever consider selling.

To design a beautiful combination-space, make sure the connected areas have furnishings and decor that create a sense of fluidity to the design concept.  This means adding tables, chairs, proper seating arrangements and decor such as outdoor pillows, plants and proper lighting.  All of these and more can be seen in the example posted here!

Fantasy garden

A fantasy garden doesn't necessarily have to be a fantasy garden in the literal sense of the word—as in it's unattainable.  A fantasy garden can be a perfect creation—an amalgamation if you will—of all the items you've ever wanted to include in the outdoor area of your home. 

As seen here, to most, this could be a fantasy garden—fully equipped with a large canopy, a small grassy area, water features, stone walkways and comfortable seating with candlelight and outdoor lighting fixtures. 

In order to fully accomplish a fantasy garden, you should start by making a list of all your favourite features—water, green space, seating and eating areas and any decorative features.  Depending on the quality and size of the features you wish to include, you should make a list of the items that will make the greatest impact right away—we can assume that most of these pieces will be investments. Either way, investing in the outdoor areas of your home will bring more value to your home in the long-term and more happiness to you as a homeowner.

Take a look at one of our favourite fantasy outdoor areas of 2016!

Casual garden

A casual garden should have a lot of the same features as a fantasy garden, but should be more attainable and budget-friendly.  A casual garden should include three items:

1. Great landscape design

2. A walkway and/or path, and

3. Plenty of space for both greenery and vegetable/fruit/herb planting

It is helpful to sketch designs based on the area you have and decide on all plants, vegetables and flowers you wish to include. For a great garden that lasts for years (and is better for your budget) stick with plants and vegetables of the annual or bi-annual nature so that you can save money on planting costs and avoid completely re-planting every year.

Take a look at this smaller, casual patio-garden for some small-space garden inspiration that includes everything you need!

Green, green, greener

If you want your garden to be purely functional, we understand. However, it will be better for the entire look of your home if include greenery, succulents and even vines to the entire design.

As seen here, this garden looks great because of the free-form landscaping, pathway/walkway and inclusion of plenty of greenery and flowers.  You should also use various patches of greenery to provide shade to those plants that you wish to cover in the sunny summer months, and for those which are susceptible to strong winds. 

Grow vegetables

Freshly Prepped: Chelsea Flower Show 2009 Aralia Commercial Spaces Wood Green

Freshly Prepped: Chelsea Flower Show 2009


One prime function of gardens is to provide plenty of vegetables and herbs for you and your family. Growing herbs is rather easy and you reap the rewards for months afterwards. 

This outdoor patio/garden/kitchen area demonstrates just how versatile herb gardens can be. Herb gardens can be maintained within smaller, potted areas, as well as in-ground planting, and having them accessible to the interior of your home or your outdoor cooking area is a great idea. 

If you don't know where to start when it comes to herb gardening, take a look at your favourite recipes that you cook most often and those recipes which contain herbs and vegetables that might be hard to come by in your region.  Plant those vegetables and herbs you will use most often first, and for the rest of the space add some special items for more creative cooking during the summer!

Celebrate life with friends

Lastly, as it should be every year, 2016 is all about making a space that creates happiness and a great social atmosphere for you! Grow vegetables and herbs, take time to intricately design your outdoor space and make sure you're always leaving room to include others.

Even if your garden is balcony-ridden or smaller, there's always room for at least one more person—and the more the merrier when it comes to outdoor spaces during the months when the weather is nicer. Take your movie-nights or dinner parties outdoors, rather then keeping them indoors, and you will feel that all the gardening and hard labor was worth it when you see the joy it brings to both you and your guests!

For more garden inspiration, check out this guide on how to decorate with plants!

How often do you enjoy your garden and outdoor spaces? Tell us more by commenting below!
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