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They say the devil is in the detail; we say they are absolutely correct, seeing as we know the importance of small decorative items and accessories. Even Interior Designers and Decorators are formally trained on how rugs, scatter cushions, wall art, and more can influence the appearance and ambience of a space. 

But the opposite is also true in that small touches can break down a space if implemented incorrectly. 

But don’t worry – here at homify we are always ready with some tips and tricks to help you achieve your space’s desired look. And, like always, we also have a professional in mind to help you when it comes to picking picture-perfect décor…  

1. Go for quality, not quantity

We know that mass-produced items are cheaper and so easily available from numerous stores, but do they complement your interiors and personal style? Also keep in mind that less is often more – just one unique piece which you may have splurged on a little can make all the difference in a room and work so much better than those done-to-death little knickknacks that have no value beyond price. 

2. Size matters

Intricate Details for Visual Character Spegash Interiors Living room
Spegash Interiors

Intricate Details for Visual Character

Spegash Interiors

We’ve all been in a home where an oversized piece of art dominated a small room. Or a much-too-tiny rug got lost in a massive open-plan area. 

Before picking out décor and accessories, take the time to study scale and proportion – they definitely help to create a comfortable space. And it’s also one of the vital things professional Interior Designers study! 

3. Play with textures and colours

We have absolutely nothing against neutral colours, but ever so often a bold or eye-catching tint can enhance a room incredibly. And remember that the aim of accessories is to add visual interest and contrast in a space. Thus, if your living room (or kitchen, or bedroom… ) is coated in neutrals such as whites and beiges, what’s going to stand our better? Another off-white hue or something more daring like a bright blue, cool violet, or lime green? 

A great idea is to alter your accessories to fit changing moods or seasons – who said a home can’t have a personality? 

4. Play with asymmetrical arrangements

You know what’s been done to death? A fireplace mantle with a mirror right in the middle and identical candles or vases on each side. Try something different, like grouping smaller items in odd numbers (threes or fives), or opting for balance instead of symmetry (like a vase on one side and a framed photo on the other). 

After all, the element of surprise can be a terrific décor piece. 

5. Add accessories in layers

See your home’s accessories as cake decorations. The large ones should be added first and sparingly, and the medium- and small-sized ones should be filled in next to add balance where needed. 

Grouping various smaller pieces together can give the “feel” of a large item, but always consider leaving some breathing room to avoid a cluttered look. 

6. Some ideas to accessorise your home

Intricate Details for Visual Character Spegash Interiors Classic corridor, hallway & stairs
Spegash Interiors

Intricate Details for Visual Character

Spegash Interiors

There is a wealth of décor opportunities out there, regardless of which design style you prefer. Remember to mix colours, layers, and textures by choosing pieces that differ in height, width, and style. 

For extra character, mix vintage pieces in with contemporary ones. And remember that shopping for décor is like shopping for clothes: if you don’t absolutely love it in the store, don’t buy it. 

Some choice accessory pieces that can make a difference to any room include:

• Lighting fixtures (floor lamps, dangling pendants, etc.)

• Baskets and bins

• Vases and other glassware 

• Natural elements like flowers, branches, seashells, pinecones, etc.

• Rugs and doormats

• Pillows and scatter cushions

• Blankets and throws

• Mirrors and photos

• Books.

7. The perfect professional for accessorising your home

Don’t have the time or the knack for styling up your interiors? Instead of trying and failing, leave it to the experts – like Spegash Interiors.

Spegash Interiors is a Johannesburg-based interior design firm specialising in domestic, commercial and retail projects. With a growing portfolio showcasing a range of first-rate projects (throughout South Africa and in Europe), this firm is quite seasoned when it comes to offering consultancy and decorating services. No matter if it’s a residential home, corporate office, game lodge, or shopping centre, Spegash Interiors has the skills and experience to ensure deluxe results! No wonder the company has walked away with various awards, such as the Emirates African Property Award for Cresta Shopping Centre in Johannesburg.

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