Before and after: 5 amazing terrace transformations!

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Unlike courtyards, which are generally seen as part of the land within the design of a house and to be used for playgrounds and recreation, terraces are usually placed in prime locations with nice views, they're a bit higher and preferably bound by low walls, have solid floors, some have fences, and they tend to contain a bit of nature themselves with some decorative plants. 

Housing projects do not always see these places, but that does not mean you can not have one! If your home comes with a small space next to the door and is separated from the garden and possibly a roof, or if you have an area near the foundation that just does not get that much attention, then you have the perfect place to create a nice terrace in your own style!

In this Ideabook, we are going to show you five amazing terrace transformations that just might inspire you to revamp yours. 

1. Before: a neglected roof

This old house had the privilege of having a small and well-defined space on the roof where residents could experience the best cool breezes of the region and above all, enjoy the weather in privacy. But over time this place has deteriorated a bit. 

The walls became damaged, the floor became moldy and worn from the elements, and the facade of the home is somewhat faded. So what happened to this old terrace?

After: a charming rooftop!

Well, it got a wonderful makeover, that's what happened! The facade was coated with stone details and instead of two windows, a door and a single large window was built to connect directly to the inside, so that the residents could enjoy the completely new terrace. The floor was upgraded, also, but this time new ceramic tile in a nice clay tone to replace the old red of the brick. 

The perimeter of the terrace was lined in gorgeous and tall potted plants, adding a bit more life and even privacy to the already secluded place. Now the terrace looks colourful and full of life, perfect for sunbathing for a few hours and for getting in the mood to relax!

2. Before: a wasted porch

Before the transformation, this house was almost in ruins and, despite having a porch area next to the doorway and plenty of patio and garden, this was really not an inspiring area where residents could invite guests for a relaxing hangout…

After: a corner to enjoy!

In this transformation, the home completely changed in its image and style, as the owners opted for a very traditional exterior. This lovely abode is located in Japan, and the owners decided to design a very zen terrace without neglecting modernity. 

The residents have created a small space next to the entrance porch complete with a bamboo fence and white sand, a few ornamental rocks, some colourful vegetation, traditional art, and a path around which to sit and spend a few minutes of pure contemplation. 

3. Before: big empty yard

A house with such great potential was practically destroyed in order to became a blank canvas from which to create new shapes, designs, and different recreational areas. The fact that this property has a fairly large yard does not mean that everything should be devoted to the garden. 

On the contrary, this large area gives the owners the option to distinguish different areas around the home, create paths, and subsequently create several places with different destinations. Let's see what happened!

After: terrace and patio combination!

Having an effectively large area can lead to the creation of many different ideas with various uses in the same space. As we can see, the spacious patio is delineated in several areas: a porch in front of the doorway, two areas of land to the sides intended to be converted into a forest, and a small terrace in front of the window of the room, at a slighly higher level than the patio, which is covered by wooden roof and furnished with only a chair decorated with potted bamboo. 

The result? A new and cute discreet place from which the owners can observe and enjoy the rest of the home.

4. Before: an old fashioned terrace

This terrace has everything it needs to be perfect: it is elevated, delimited with wrought iron fencing so as not hinder any views, and surrounded by a large garden full of trees and plants. 

It is even complete with furniture in order to spend evenings outside comfortably. But the appearance of the terrace was outdated and faded. So let's see the new and improved terrace!

After: a fresh new view!

This restoration consisted of removing the guardrail ironwork to allow direct contact with the environment, and the foundation stone was restored and also integrated into the facade, which was previously discoloured and opaque. Now, this terrace gets all the attention that it deserves, even at night from the lights that were installed on the canopy. 

The low lying stone wall that encases the terrace is now adorned with colourful pots and the furniture is now modern and fresh, replicating a small living room. There's even a blanket out there for chilly evenings! We think it's safe to say that this terrace has now been completely modernized and has transformed into quite the relaxing space.

5. Before: a latent lookout

To end this tour, we are showing you a terrace that was in desperate need of renovation. The space you see here was originally intended as a storage area for this small apartment, which is a common thing in multifamily homes such as this. 

This little latent lookout had so much potential, but for years it had only been used as a clothesline and to store old or unused belongings. However, the architects at Better Home saw the amazing possibilites of this space and transformed it completely!

After: a quaint hideaway!

The renovation worked wonders on this terrace and nothing was left the way it was. Both the door and the window were spared, allowing direct access to the rest of the home and plenty of natural light to shine in and brighten things up. The windows themselves also open, creating a nice cross breeze. 

A small table and chair set was placed out here – the perfect place to sit back and enjoy your favourite book and a nice tea in the afternoon light. 

If these terrace transformations have inspired you, be sure to check out this Ideabook showcasing the transformation of an entire home!

Have you recently undertaken a similar terrace renovation, or do you plan to? Let us know below!

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