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A Ready Made Design That is Good To Go!

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Majchrzak Pracownia Projektowa Modern houses
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The ready-made design for a stand-alone home was developed by the Polish Architecture firm Majchrzak Pracownia Projektowa, and is available for sale! The idea of a ready-made design may not be for you; however, if the painstaking process of developing and tailoring your dream-home design frightens you, and decision making is not your forte, then this could be a quick and easy off-the-shelf solution.

Cutting out a whole lot of time and energy, the process is stream-lined to jump into construction. Now, let's take a look through the computer generated renderings of this house design.

The street facade

The street facing facade is partially shielded by the garage structure, a simple box that is enclosed in the same timber slat cladding used for the main house structure. The door to the garage is also timber, but here the slats run horizontal. The main structure of the home is in the form of a simple rectangular volume capped with a gable roof. 

There is a continuity of materials in the monolithic structure—the walls and roof appear as one timber profile. High level glazing lets light in while still providing a veil of privacy. Beneath the gable end glazing a discreet entry is sheltered by a small awning. 

The garden facade

The garden facing facade mirrors the street facing facade; but here the protruding timber box houses an open plan living space. The large stacking sliders allow for a seamless connection between inside and outside; when open the living space extends, appropriating the patio as it's own. 

The box structure appears to penetrate the gable structure, carving out a void. The relationship between the two volumes creates a simple, yet interesting spatial dynamic.

Intersecting volumes

With the addition of this view, we begin to garner comprehend the entire formal composition. The box volume, which comprises the garage and living space, forms a continuous rectangular form that cuts into and through the gable volume. 

In addition the the gable end glazing, we can see there are also skylights which allows for additional light to permeate the space.

The social heart

The interior renders are so sophisticated and detailed, you could easily mistake them for photographs! The bones of the space are simple and white, oh-so-minimal—the furnishing, however, adds a touch more colour and texture to the space. 

It is an incredibly open and connected social space; eschewing physical barriers in favour of furniture arrangements which define and distinguish, the space is free-flowing. For more living space inspiration, you are sure to find some wonderful examples here!

The kitchen within

Looking back towards the kitchen, we can see the exposed brick wall that is painted white, of course! Different pendant lights are suspended in the different zones of the space, acting as markers or anchors of sorts to locate the different functions. 

The kitchen is sleek and minimal—the all white aesthetic is complimented by stainless steel surfaces and appliances which add an industrial edge. For more kitchen ideas, take a look here!

Stair and void

A void in the ceiling lets additional natural light filter through the space and creates a visual connection between the two levels. The staircase is achingly minimal—the white block steps sit atop a white brick base, hemmed in only by an almost invisible glass wall. The entire space is light, airy, and hip—the perfect modern home.

If you enjoyed your tour through this home-that-could-be, you may also like to take a look at Virtual and Complete: The Architect's Vision and The Final Product.

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