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Building an affordable home with stylish design can feel like a bit of an oxymoron with real estate prices on the rise.  When you add in a request for eco-friendly, energy efficient functions, it may feel all but impossible. Fortunately, there are ways to make this happen if you’re willing to think a little bit outside the box. 

One such way to ensure that your home is stylish whilst still within your price range is to go with a prefab model. Indeed, prefabricated homes actually come in many different varieties. They are typically easy on the bank account, and they only take a couple of weeks to set up. 

If you don’t believe us, today we will be touring one such home by German architects Puschmann Architektur. The best part is that this abode is also entirely self sufficient in terms of energy usage. Really, it’s the whole package!

Strikingly modern façade

You can imagine our surprise upon learning that this home is actually a prefab. It is certainly distinct from its neighbours thanks to this reverse S shape that stands as its most striking feature. As we can see, there is a balcony at the front as well as a lovely lush yard of a residential home to surround it. Let’s take a closer look inside!

Light and airy interior

The design itself is efficient in other ways besides energy usage. For example, there is enough natural light to illuminate this windowless transitional space during the daytime. Such an effect only comes from careful planning and strategic placement of the windows. Furthermore, the light walls, and warm wooden accents help to create a comfortable, homey feel inside.

Spacious living area

After passing through the front entryway we come to this expansive living area. The feeling of spaciousness largely comes as a result of the fact that the designers chose to make an open plan living area. The living room in the foreground and the dining area in the background fit neatly in this part of the home with room to spare. Meanwhile, the large windows that comprise the wall facing the yard invite lots of light to flow inside.

Nordic inspired look

It is hard to deny that the home’s interior design is largely shaped by Scandinavian influences. The rooms are simple, and white plays a central role in their decorative schemes. The use of these design principles results in a cheerful and versatile atmosphere that is effective at evenly distributing light throughout the home.

Wonderful backyard for a family

The money saved on the prefab allows the family to purchase a larger plot of land, which is great for both children and pets to flourish. A simple patio offers a good vantage point for taking in the natural scenery that surrounds the home. Between the fencing and the foliage, they are afforded enough privacy to fully enjoy some relaxing time in the garden.

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What did you like about this forward-thinking home? Let us know your thoughts using the comments section, below! 

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