How to choose the perfect dressing table for a small bedroom

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The dressing table was once considered to be a luxury item that only members of the higher realms of society possessed. They were usually bulky and heavy pieces of furniture, with some even combining a writing table as well and were often placed in a separate dressing room. In the 19th century the dressing table, much like other cabinet furniture, eventually became a part of the bedroom suite. 

A dressing table that is well designed can add both character and functionality to any bedroom as it serves as a storage utility for items such as makeup, face creams, and jewellery to be stored conveniently in one place. Additionally, a dressing table with a seating arrangement eases up the early morning routine of having to bend awkwardly over the bathroom mirror while applying makeup! 

Nowadays, with homes becoming smaller than before, often the dressing table is given a miss in the bedroom to save on floor space. However, with creative design, it is possible to install a version of a dressing table even in a small bedroom.

When choosing dressing tables, there are several factors to consider according to the interior designers and decorators, here at homify. Most significantly, it is essential to match the furniture in your bedroom with your dressing table to achieve the right effect. Today, we present a few tips on what to consider before choosing one for the bedroom.

1. Consider the features of the dressing table

You need to take into account the features that you expect from your dressing table design before purchasing it so that you don’t encounter unwanted surprises. Most dressing tables feature at least one mirror and a bench, yet some do not. You should decide on the kind of dressing table you require based on your needs. If your bedroom houses several scattered items and considerable clutter, then you might need many drawers to store them away neatly. In a bedroom that requires a unique space for display, a wardrobe design with dressing table and a full-length mirror would be the right choice. The advantage of a full-length mirror is that it helps to amplify the limited space in the bedroom, besides providing a head-to-toe reflection when you want to check your appearance.

2. The dimensions of the dressing table

Dressing room- Apartment on Golf course extension road, Gurugram The Workroom Modern style dressing rooms
The Workroom

Dressing room- Apartment on Golf course extension road, Gurugram

The Workroom

The dressing table dimensions should be in proportion to the bedroom. Too big, and it crowds the space, too small and it doesn’t serve the functionality you would like it to provide. A wooden dressing table is ideal if you are looking for a rustic or farmhouse feel in your bedroom, but it might make the bedroom appear cramped if it is a bulky piece of furniture. Be sure to measure the dimensions thoroughly before purchasing it. If however, you have a contemporary bedroom, then a modern dressing table would be the right fit. A modern unit could even be a built-in one that merges with the wardrobe unit.

3. What is the best place for the dressing table in a bedroom?

Setting the dressing table with mirrors at the right location is prime if you want to make the most of it and create the right balance of energy in the room. It has to be easily accessible, in addition to having adequate natural light. If lighting is a problem, then you might have to consider purchasing a wooden dressing table with lights. According to Vastu Shastra, it is wise to avoid a mirror in front of your bed as the reflection of one’s sleeping body is considered to be inauspicious. Therefore, ideally, the mirrors in the bedroom should be kept at the height of 4 to 5 feet from the floor.

Vastu Shastra also has a say in the best colour combinations for the bedroom.

4. What material should you choose for the dressing table?

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The material of the vanity dressing table should also be considered during the decision-making process. While most furniture is made of wood, there are painted or stained variants as well depending on your needs. You can also opt for materials such as metal, glass or mirror finishes. Some wardrobe designs come with dressing tables as well which is considered to be a viable option if space is an issue.

5. Consider the style of the dressing table

Last, but certainly not the least, pay attention to the design style of the dressing table. Ask yourself whether you would like a modern or contemporary furniture design or are more comfortable with the cosiness of the country vibe, or perhaps a rustic look? From modern to contemporary, minimalist to rustic there is a wide range of styles that can render your bedroom stylish, warm and welcoming. Make sure that the dressing room blends well with the style of your bedroom. In case you can’t find a design that matches the colour palette or theme of your bedroom, you can get the help of an interior designer to get a custom-built dressing table for your home.

Smaller bedrooms have many options in terms of design and decor. Don't let space limit your vision for the perfect bedroom with a beautiful dressing table.  

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