A Deluxe Cafe Blessed With Posh Interiors and Magnificent Design in Selangor

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Tradition is an ultimate reflection of culture and heritage that flourish in a region. And Malaysia is known for its rich touch to heritage, and its eateries are no exception in this case!

Today, we are going to treat you with all the key details on one of the most spectacular projects mastered by architectural perfectionists—Li A'alaf Architect. Since 2014, this wonderful team has joined hands in paving the way for luxurious living across various geographical boundaries in Malaysia. 

In this article, we have planned to take you to a small tour down the paragraphs that portray the immense architectural marvel—the Kopitiam Interior Design!

Lavish Entrance Marking the Doorways to the Eatery

Doorways to the eatery LI A'ALAF ARCHITECT Asian style dining room

Doorways to the eatery


Have you ever wondered about the feel of enjoying a sip of coffee amidst a lavish ambience with an immense touch of royalty to every nook and corner? 

Well, this Kopitiam project flaunts every piece of diligence and professionalism flavoured with savvy interiors throughout the cafe's facade. Let's begin with this tremendous entrance—a beautifully spread out doorway imbued with minimal hues of beige, crème, grey, and sunset saffron!

A signature brand logo planted on one of the walls at the entrance makes it for a neat yet sophisticated welcome note to every guest here. Marbled flooring, soft-lit walls, tropical plants, and posh seating arrangements pave the gateways to paradise in this amazing coffee shop.

Decorous Touch to Asian Architecture

The team at Li A'alaf Architect never forgets to add the touch of vintage effects when it comes to polishing their projects with elegant interiors!

Take a look at this wonderful Kopitiam project—a brilliant layout of seating, vintage style board menu, and to top it all, the dim-lit ambience sequenced by artistic decor!

Beautifully aligned pillars on either sides of the interior space route to the ceiling in a tree-shafted design that branches traditional lanterns scattering rays of dim light across the floor.

Off-white dining tables laid with deep black chairs add to the whole essence of dining in the 60s and 70s! An old-fashioned shelf stands towards a marginal end of the cafe, making it convenient for guests to take a look at fresh and delicious delicacies lined up for orders.

Wooden-style marbled floor is a perfect hue of sunset saffron and orange glaze that artistically complements the lighting and calm serene that surround the ambience.

Artistic Touch of Textured Finish for that Vintage-Lit Look

Now that's what we call as a vintage finish to perfectionism!

The color combination of the wonderfully textured floor reflects with the minimal wall decor, making the ambience more savvy and complete.

Low-hung lanterns and beautifully aligned furniture tops it all in this comfortable and posh eatery that flaunts the architectural excellence of this amazing Kopitiam project.

Ornamental Interiors Igniting the Reminisce of Vintage-Style Dining

From a portrait angle, this amazing project fosters in-depth details of being more than just an eatery!

Everything from the ceiling to the flooring is carefully designed to keep guests stupefied with the complete look of the ambience. 

Contrasting hues crowned by dim lighting is the best apart from the luxurious seating arrangements on an artistically textured floor.

While the wall decor is kept minimal, the chandelier-style lanterns wrought on the ceiling makes the whole concept unique and extravagant. 

An Elegant Bakery-Style Display Shelving Delicious Eatables and Beverages

On one marginal corner of this amazing cafe lies the most awaited part of this whole project journey—the classic bakery-style counter!

This counter is an artistic part of the ambience that displays everything hot and delicious lined up in the menu. Behind the counter from a space of about 5 feet stands a mighty vintage-style shelf that lines everything from your favourite Café Latte to the traditional White Coffee!

Stone-blocked finish wrought on the pillars adds to more traditional decor while inculcating the feeling of dining in a world set back from the modern era.

This Kopitiam Interior Design project is a marvellous illustration of architectural excellence by the ever amazing Li A'alaf Architect! 

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