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6 ingenious ways of adding life to your staircase

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Stepping up in style just got easier. If you have a stairway at home, adorning it thoughtfully can elevate your interior décor considerably. Since you will look the stairs up and down a few times a day, it’ll be great to infuse them with visual delights.

The stairway is often an ignored place in an abode. Even then, there are elaborate ideas available for decorating the wall beside the staircase with photos and art. And there certainly is no dearth of ideas on how the space below the stairway can be used for clever storage. But when it comes to the stairway itself, very few people pay attention to the base of the stairs or how the whole structure can be made to look beautiful.

That's why we are going to discuss some staircase decoration ideas that are simple yet stunning. You can start by understanding the type of staircase you have, and how it will respond to your décor style. Not all staircases are made equal. Some are straight, some are curved and others are spiral. Though all of these take you from one floor in your house to another, each of them poses a different décor challenge that can be answered with an equally interesting idea.

Magic with curtains

If you thought curtains were only for windows, do a double take. Curtains can be used creatively for decorating stairways. You can use them at the base of the stairway to give a veiled look, and added privacy. This works great when the stairway is straight. 

You can accessorize windows in your stairways with lovely light curtains—choose flowing ones that let in natural light. If your stairway leads directly to a room, you can have the room’s entrance covered with two curtains that are tied back to ensure a great finish.

Go green with indoor plants

No matter what the shape of your stairway, plants are an easy and interesting way to accentuate its beauty with a burst of green. If your stairs don’t have a railing along the open end, you can lend a great finish by putting a plant on each step to give it a finished look. The plants need to be uniform in size and should be in matching pots to complete this look. Get inspired by this naturally lit staircase designed by YCF/ Yoshiaki Yamashita Architect & Associates from Nara.  

If you have an L shaped stairway, you can place a statement pot with a tall plant like bamboo to beautify the corner of the landing. If your staircase is outside your home and catches the sun, you can cover the railing with a single creeper for a quaint appeal. You can add one or two tall indoor plants at the bottom of the stairway which can elevate the feeling of height in the area. For a curved staircase, you can hang the pots along the railing at intervals right up to the top.

Remember that you should pick indoor plants that can thrive with minimum sunlight and care, and choose planters that do not leak water into the room.

Use wallpaper as a style statement

Wallpapers present endless creative ideas for stairway design. Start by picking a palette that is in line with your room colour. You can add the same wallpaper on each staircase, do up alternate staircases with contrasting wallpapers, or use different wallpapers on each staircase.  

Reflective geometric wallpaper design is a preferred way to do up the stairs and the patterns go well with the whole finite decorating space. Or, go for nature based themes, like a forest or waterfall for a rejuvenating ambiance. Floral designs will never go out of fashion, and you can always opt for those if you are in doubt.

If you are musically inclined, choose wallpapers with designs of musical notes to exhibit your passion. Alternatively, wall stickers with quotes and sayings that represent your beliefs or way of life can be a wonderful idea too. Go for bold patterns if you have muted walls, and vice versa.

Carpet it for a plush appeal

Roger Oates Chatham Mallow stair runner Roger Oates Design Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Roger Oates Design

Roger Oates Chatham Mallow stair runner

Roger Oates Design

Decorating stairways with carpets is an all-time favourite idea. Besides cushioning your feet, they give a single neat finished look to the stairway. Though vertical designs and patterns work well, you may want to experiment with ornamental designs or abstract prints for exclusivity. 

A plain carpeted stairway can also exude a classy minimalist feel. Choose carpets in dark hues if you are afraid of it getting dirty frequently. Dark shades are also advisable if you have pets or children at home.

Introduce figurines for uniqueness

Decorate your stairs by placing interesting figurines near the base or at the landing. You can use tall or short figurines depending on how you want to accent your stairs. If you have a straight steep stairway, a rounded, short figurine would complement it with contrast, while if you have a short stairway, a tall figurine can lend the illusion of a higher elevation. 

If the open side of your staircase doesn’t have a railing, then just like with indoor plants, you can place the figurines at the edge of each stair and lead it to build a story. Make sure that all the figurines go well together.

Indirect lighting for an enchanting touch

The right lighting can enhance the beauty of your staircase in a contemporary and interesting manner. You can add task lighting on the sides, which help with navigation in the night. For a beautiful indirect glow on your stairs, run an LED light strip under the treading to add your signature look. You can also stick wireless mini step lights along the walls.

So you see that your staircase doesn’t have to be just another boring or mundane piece of architecture. Besides being extremely utilitarian, it can steal the show when decked out in an innovative and intelligent way. Make the most out of our tips to get started. Here is another ideabook which might interest you - Wonderfully unique staircase designs.

Which staircase inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!
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