8 Astonishing Ideas That Will Make Your Living Room Look Modern

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While every room in a home is unique in terms of decor and tastefulness, the living room forms the crux of the entire abode. This particular room is the first destination where everyone from frequent guests to relatives and all those friend circles gather!  

Our bit of an advice—splash a touch of modish looks to your living room! So today at Homify, we are going to walk you through 8 astonishing ideas that will make your living room look modern from every nook and corner. 

Go ahead, read on to enrich your decor-filled minds with more colorful concepts!

1. Brush Your Living Room with a Touch of Grand Furniture and Lighting

When we speak of something 'grand' we really mean it! It can be anything from a gorgeous sofa to a chandelier. Let's start with our first idea—a spacious living room such as this really deserves everything posh and ornamental. To start with the concept, furnish the ideal gathering space with a luxurious grand sofa of your choice.

It can be anything from a tuxedo sofa to a modular sofa. With the help of your interior designers, mount the best looking chandeliers and choose to ornament the room with complementing ceiling lights. You can always have a low-built decked cupboard aligned towards the wall to complete the look.

To fuse in more aroma of grandeur, go for pastel-hued artificial flowers and ceramic showpieces. Remember, do not overcrowd the space with everything and just go for accessories that help in bringing out a lively contemporary look.

2. Crown the Space with Wooden Accessories

Wooden furniture and materialization is not only unique, but also helps in bringing out the essence of modern decor. You might wonder how wooden accessories would do the rounds in your living room!

Well, take a look at this amazing concept—a vivacious living room with adequate space for everything modern. Go for a loveseat-style sofa attired with contrasting covers and plush cushions.

Now all you have to do is run your creativity in choosing the best wooden furniture to ornament the empty corners of your living room. Choose a low-built wooden table to sit peacefully on the angled center of the living room.

With the help of your designers, shelf an asymmetrical alignment of wooden shelves running throughout the wall area. To finish the looks, go for minimal lighting and pastel-hued blinds.

You can shelf some Feng Shui showpieces, vintage bottle collection, or even photos on your shelves, adding to the overall lavishness of your modern living room.

3. Majestic TV Mounted on a Marble-Splashed Wall

This living room idea is one of the best concepts to flaunt the modish side of your gathering space. Choose your favorite sofa and complement the looks with a glass-wrought center table. For a modern look fused with a touch of vintage-style ornamentation, you can shift your piano towards the adjacent corner.

Now coming to the crux of this concept, ask your designers to frame a majestic marble-glazed wall right where you want to mount you huge LED TV. Additional shelving units on either side of this wall make the way for boasting your antique collections and ceramic showpieces!

4. Bless the Looks with Blue, Grey, and White!

A royal living room such as this is a desire of those who love colors and lighting! While everything is in place—your sofa, table, and TV unit, try to focus on something more vibrant. Yes, we are talking about shading the accessories with rich colors.

Go for a luxurious combination of blue, grey, and white. Attire your living room with colorful blinds, sofas, and walls by carefully picking a perfect combo of these three vibrant colors. To complete the look, mount a grand chandelier on the center.

You can also complement the empty corner with a royal lampshade! This concept not only looks modern, but is also blessed with everything savvy and gorgeous!

5. Glaze Your Living Room with Rich Shades of Brown and Yellow

We all know the wonderful magic of color combinations and when it comes to home décor, it is obvious to run our creative minds with colors. Tint your living room with rich brown and yellow-hued ornamentation.

Go for an ivory brown-hued sofa complemented by plush yellow cushions. A golden-yellow glazed velvet fur rug crowns the look of the wood-marble tiled floor. Sequence your blinds with an adjacent finish of chocolate brown and caramel yellow. To finish the look, shelve some antique collections and ceiling lights. 

Now this concept is not only vibrant, but also fosters a sense of positive energy from all angles.

6. Play with Some Lighting, Furniture, and Of Course, That Block-Patterned Ceiling!

This is our personal favorite! This living room is the best when it comes to reviving the space with cute concepts and modish looks. With the help of your interior designers, attire the gathering space with neatly aligned wooden and bamboo sofa complemented by plush white cushions.

Towards the angled center, place a mesh-balled iron wrought glass case table as shown in the illustration. This table is the showstopper in this concept! To fuse the looks with more elegance, have a wooden block-patterned ceiling running through the center above.

A vintage-style ceiling fan just about the seating completes the look of this modern and cute-looking living room concept!

7. Mount Some Marble-Glazed Artwork on the Wall!

A decent sofa adorned with plush cushions marvelously aligns the corner of this concept. A low-built ceramic-style marble table beautifully sits on that velvet-mesh rug you picked recently! Moving on to the TV unit, well ask your designers to have a minimal slab-style shelving unit just below where your big size LED TV is mounted.

Now coming to the gorgeous hint of this concept, well, make some art out of waste! You heard it right—reuse the remaining marble slabs after you're done with your kitchen counter and table. With the help of your designers, get these slabs cut into cute hexagon-shaped structures and have them cemented on the wall. 

As shown in the illustration here, this concept would be the liveliest idea to flaunt the lavish and modern looks of your living room.

8. Playful Colors Splashed on all Corners

Coming to end of our living room journey, we have saved the colorful one for the last! Fuse your living room accessories with rich and bright colors. Start with your sofa cover—attire them with bubbling colors of blue, red, white, and orange.

You can master your creativity of colors very well here! Ask your designers to tint a color-blocked hue to one wall while mounting an asymmetrical shelf on the adjacent wall. Finish the looks with bright ceiling lights and a wood marble-tiled floor!

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