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Use of paper as a main element of décor began centuries ago. Chinese homes used paper to embellish the lattice windows and doors. They were used to craft decorative screens utilised as partitions between different parts of a room. Wood bar, hemp and rice starch were the primary ingredients of these handmade papers. Slowly, this fashion caught up in other Asian countries. The use of paper in similar manner is common in the birthplace of paper even today. 

Japan perfected the art of shoji screens. Rice paper is frequently used to build lightweight fusuma or a sliding door, tsuitate or a kind of faux partition with single panel etc. But using hand painted or block printed paper to decorate the walls was something that transformed into an art form in 17th century France. Lavishly decorated paper was imported from China so it was a highly expensive item of décor. Despite this, wallpaper continued to gain in popularity and is still considered indispensable in many modern houses. Today we will discuss some of the designs that you can use to style your home.

Shades of grey for contemporary homes

Being neutral, shades of grey provide a nice backdrop for other elements of décor. In the world of interior design, shades of grey are currently in vogue. Most importantly, these tones suit perfectly well with contemporary ambience and, due to their subtle nature, create a roomier space. So why not consider using wallpaper in shades of grey for your home too? You can select a motif that is suited to the existing style of your home. 

Balance it well with the other elements of décor. This intricate wallpaper design by is an excellent example of the enduring charm of black, white and grey. If you have chosen a floral or geometric design, you can consider upholstering your furniture with fabric in the same motifs as well. It will be elegant and faithful to the tradition of handcrafted wallpaper designs.

Wallpaper with a classical touch

Quod II Wallpaper ref 258 C03, Paper Moon Paper Moon Walls & flooringWallpaper
Paper Moon

Quod II Wallpaper ref 258 C03

Paper Moon

Between 18th and 20th century, artists and designers like Joseph Dufour, William Morris, Walter Crane and Augustus Pugin began working with this newfound medium of art and architecture. Their association further increased the charm of wallpaper. They were useful in hiding many minor flaws, were easy to use and considerably durable. Most importantly, they helped to created a striking interior unmatched by traditional wall paints to this date. 

As printing technique evolved, wallpapers became cheaper and readily available for a large section of people. Highly detailed classical wallpaper designs can still help you to create a graceful and stylish interior.

Style with textile

This is another way of decorating your rooms that has not aged with time. On the contrary, it has been reinvented for modern homes to provide insulation and acoustic benefits. 

You can use a range of fabric, from cotton to jacquard silk, for this purpose. They are generally attached to a protective and transparent vinyl sheet. With due maintenance, high quality fabric wallpaper can last up to 15 years or more.

Photographic wall mural

Thanks largely to modern technology—or more specifically, high resolution cameras—pixel perfect images are now available at the click of a finger. You can easily personalise your space by turning one of your favourite images into attractive wallpaper. 

Select an image with minimal blur and noise. Make sure it has a high resolution, and then send it to one of the many wall mural providers on the market today. Give your space a stylish finish—by using this method you can almost effortlessly brighten up your living room or bedroom.

Architectural wallpaper

This type of wallpaper creates the illusion of an architectural element which is not present in that particular space. You can use architectural wallpaper to create a more expansive looking interior, build faux bookcases, windows or balconies. 

Exposed brick walls are hugely popular now. Instead of painstakingly removing the concrete layer, you can use architectural wallpaper with brick motif to induce a contemporary charm in the ambiance. In essence architectural wallpapers act as trompe l’œil paintings.

The charm of three dimensions

This is the latest addition in the rich list of wallpaper designs. They are largely used to conceal wall mounted speakers, insulation, electrical wiring or certain flaws. But sometimes they are also used to simply beautify a room. 

In actuality, 3d wallpapers are wall panels. So they are also useful in creating faux partitions between spaces.

Wallpaper for children’s room

When you are giving such a meticulous attention to detail for every part of your building, why not carry this on into your kid’s room with a design suitable for them? Choose wallpapers in lively tones and motifs. It is not too difficult to locate a design depicting favourite fairytale characters or comic book heroes and heroines. Alternatively, have wallpaper in funny animal motifs, dinosaurs, historical landmarks, maps or anything else that catches your little one’s fancy.

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Which of these stunning wallpaper designs would you like to choose for your home? Let us know in the comments section below.

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