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Pablo Picasso’s numerous artistic creations are well known to art connoisseurs from across the world. But not many are aware about his exploits in ceramic arts. He spent more than 30 years of his life in perfecting his crafts on the potter’s wheel. Jean Renoir, who chose film as his medium for creating art, was also attracted to ceramic arts early in his life.

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact time when human beings started moulding decorative pots and vases. It is even more difficult to know at what point of time they graduated to the art of pottery, leaving behind their humble handcrafted earthenware. But the art of ceramics, as we know it today, first blossomed in China. The ornate pieces sculpted there were and still are a collector’s dream.

When placed in the interior of your home, potted plants immediately create a vibrant and refreshing ambience. When you choose such painstakingly designed pots for your green friends, your interior gets a spectacular makeover. And don’t think that ceramic is the only option. You can choose equally gracefully detailed stone, wood or metallic plant tubs to decorate your home as well as your garden in style. So, come with us as we explore the various combinations of plants and plant tubs here today.

Trendy ceramic pots for small homes

Subtle colours and unassuming designs look great in a minimal and contemporary setting. used ceramic pots in pastel shades to plant a range of fragrant flowers. You can easily tuck them in various corners of your rooms including kitchen and bathroom

If you wish to create a similarly aromatic atmosphere choose plants like jasmine, lavender, basil, rosemary, thyme and sage. They act as natural insect repellents so are very useful for kitchen and dining parlours.

Plant pots for terraces, balconies and gardens

For creating a welcoming home and garden, you can invest in terracotta, natural wood, ceramic and stylish stone containers. Terracotta and ceramic both look gorgeous but are fragile. Ceramic is considerably more expensive so use for such plants which require minimal tending. Alternatively, you can use a separate pot to plant the saplings and transfer them to a ceramic tub for decorative purposes. 

Natural wood is organic and sustainable but may decay easily. Stone is classy, shows minimal signs of decay but is heavy. Self watering pots have a hidden reservoir at the bottom and are useful for plants which like high humidity. They are lightweight so can be used for hanging vanda, golden pothos and other water loving plants.

Stylish plant tubs for a charming flower bed

Metal Garden Troughs - MiaFleur homify Garden Plant pots & vases

Metal Garden Troughs—MiaFleur


Plant tubs made of cast metal alloy and concrete are very useful for creating a flower bed full of seasonal flowers. These can be used in your indoor sanctuary as well as your backyard. If using outdoors make sure to give your metallic planters and tubs a protective coat of paint to save them from the corrosive effects of nature. 

Plant beautiful heliotrope, impatiens, nasturtium, begonia, mint or coleus and see your garden thrive in a rainbow of colours.

Wicker baskets as planters

Garden Fork Planter ELLA JAMES Garden Plant pots & vases

Garden Fork Planter


For their unusual charm, wicker baskets are gaining in popularity by the day. They are lightweight and affordable. Wicker baskets made of natural fibre are an eco friendly option as well. 

As they are lightweight they can be hung from ceilings too. However, water can drip through, so use a container below or place an already potted plant inside it. You can even grow a small vegetable garden using baskets like these.

Hanging planters

Synthetic and foam based hanging planters are affordable and lightweight. But they are neither eco friendly nor sustainable and sometimes derided for emitting VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Instead, you can use hanging planters made of jute, coir or reed grass. 

Metallic planters of this sort are also available to give your home an added sheen. They can be easily moved to different locations for sunlight, which proves to be an added advantage. Lobelia, Senecio rowleyanus, Kalanchoe, Liriope and ivy look stunning when planted in hanging pots. Do not rule out indoor ferns like Asplenium nidus, Nephrolepis exaltata, Adiantum raddianum and Platycerium bifurcatum for damp areas of your building.

Bonsai trays

Bonsais require special tending and trays specifically made for them. Often you may need to place these flat pots on a humidity tray under dry weather conditions. Japan’s coastal town Tokoname is famous for producing hand crafted and highly decorative bonsai trays. Yixing containers have earned critical acclaim over centuries. You can procure pots directly from them or visit local artisans who are expert in crafting planters like these.

LED planters

LED planters are a recent entrant in the world of stylish plant pots and tubs. They are particularly favoured for outdoor entertainment zones where they are needed to glamorise the environment. Since LED lighting consumes less electricity, it doubles up as lighting fixtures and plant containers. However, these are only suitable for occasional use and stylising a space. 

Internal LED lighting may cause damage to the roots of the tender saplings. For easy handling you can place already potted calla lily, canna, reed palm, fuchsia etc., inside these planters.

Pots and trays for cacti

Unlike bonsai, cacti require minimal tending and watering, so you have more options to plant cacti in a variety of pots. You can even recycle your kitchen and tableware no longer in use for this purpose. Give them a fresh coat of paint, then beautify with ribbons and crystal studs for a decorative finish. 

Don’t throw away coconut shells. Rub them with abrasive paper and paint them in vibrant hues. Make holes to hang with threads from the ceiling. Plant cacti in these coconut shells and decorate with white sand and small colourful stones. You can even make them a part of your window garden.

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You have seen some of the stylish plant tubs to decorate your garden. Tell us your favourite in the comments below!

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